Nutmeg integration with Yolt, Emma and Money Dashboard offers customers holistic view of their finances 

Nutmeg, Europe’s largest digital wealth manager, has today announced new API integrations with fintech apps Yolt, Emma and Money Dashboard. The connections will give Nutmeg’s 80,000 customers a more holistic view of their finances, with the ability to see their Nutmeg investments alongside their current accounts, savings products and credit cards through the UK’s leading smart money apps.  

With people increasingly having more than one bank account and technology offering opportunities to provide consumers with a single view of their wealth, Nutmeg has teamed up with fellow leading fintechs Yolt, Emma and Money Dashboard to give customers of both services greater control, transparency and oversight of their finances.  

The Nutmeg integration is available to customers of any of the three apps and will allow customers to see their Nutmeg ISA, Lifetime ISA, pension, general investment account and Junior ISA balances in the apps alongside other financial products they hold.  


Matt Gatrell, chief operations officer, Nutmeg, said: “Providing our customers with a single view of their wealth – be it their current account transactions, emergency savings pots, or their long-term investments – helps people to better understand their own financial position. The integrations with Yolt, Emma and Money Dashboard, launched during UK FinTech Week, are the first of their kind for Nutmeg, and we’re pleased to be connecting with other leading fintech providers to help make everyday finances quicker, simpler and more secure.” 

The Open Banking initiative, which launched in 2018, gives consumers much greater control and visibility of their financial information and allows the regulated financial institutions that they use to share information securely. This has led to a host of innovative new tools and services, such as Yolt, Emma and Money Dashboard, which give consumers more ways to analyse and manage all aspects of their finances. 


Pauline van Brakel, Chief Product Officer at Yolt comments: “Yolt has long been a champion of API technology and a working proof-point for how the UK’s Open Banking initiative is helping put consumers back in control of their finances. Today’s announcement reflects our community’s appetite for these connections and is testament to our work to ensure our users can access and manage their finances in the quickest and easiest way possible. Beyond this, we continue to look for opportunities to develop partnerships with other fintech’s that share our aim of creating a truly ‘open’ financial experience for customers.” 


Steve Tigar, CEO, Money Dashboard said: “Having a good grasp of one’s overall financial situation is critical, now more than ever. By teaming up with other innovative FinTechs like Nutmeg, our goal is to make it much easier for people to track all of the accounts they hold so they can really feel comfortable with their finances.  As founding members of fDATA, the trade association which lobbied for the adoption of Open Banking standards, we are big believers in the need for a more open and collaborative financial landscape. Partnering with other FinTechs is a central part of how we will achieve our goal of helping millions of people master their money.” 


Edoardo Moreni, CEO and co-founder, Emma, said: “Emma was built to empower millions of individuals to live a better and more fulfilling financial life. That’s why we are thrilled to welcome Nutmeg in Emma’s family with the goal to help our users discover the investing world and plan for their future.”