Olive named Best Companies to Work for 2020

High Wycombe based Cloud Communications Provider Olive has been named in Best Companies To Work For 2020 for ‘outstanding’ commitment to workplace engagement.


Awarded a 2 star accreditation from Best Companies, Olive received one of the top standards out of four workplace engagement categories, representing organisations striving for the top.


All employees were sent a 70-question survey to complete, with companies achieving a BCI score of 1-1000. Olive received a BCI score of 729, only 9-points shy of achieving the 3 star accreditation;  showcasing that even in the midst of what has been a challenging year for many companies and individuals, Olive has succeeded in continuing to drive a fantastic workplace culture.


Olive employee scores were particularly high for “I feel proud to work for this organisation” and “I am excited about where the organisation is going.”


The Best Companies Accreditation reflects the commitment Olive has made to employee engagement, keeping wellbeing front and centre, and building the ‘Olive Blueprint’ vision and values of recognising and enjoying success together.


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Martin Flick, CEO of Olive said: “It makes me incredibly proud to know that the 2 star accreditation was made possible by the honest feedback of Olive’s people. We all know the challenges this year has brought. While remote working wasn’t a new concept for us, as a digitally agile organisation, we did experience a challenge in how best to replicate the office environment and culture virtually and this accreditation is testament to our joint success.”


Debbie Clifford, Head of People, Talent & Performance of Olive said: “Olive’s ethos is one of putting people first; something many companies claim to do but often struggle to implement. This ethos has been truly tried and tested in 2020!


“Whilst a wellness programme had been running successfully since January, Olive responded to the challenges of lockdown with a sense of urgency, launching a series of employee support packages including a financial support line, extended to wider family members, virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, online personal training, and an online kids clubs with fun competitions. Our employee engagement scores this year also speak volumes. Between May to September, overall employee engagement, wellness and happiness stands at 8 out of 10.


“I’m thrilled with the result from Best Companies and look forward to making active changes as a result of the survey feedback.”


Jonathan Austin, CEO of Best Companies said: “Well done to Olive on their fantastic achievement. Their 2 star accreditation represents a level of employee engagement that many organisations strive for. It demonstrates that they genuinely value their employees and have kept them at the forefront of all they do at a time when it means more than ever before. Congratulations to all involved.”