Omnos – the Future of Health Optimisation

The Omnos online platform has gone live – it’s the first intelligent system which combines both genetic and functional testing to enable a more comprehensive approach to health optimisation. Access this groundbreaking personalised wellness platform now and complete the self assessments for free.  

The platform will guide the user, making recommendations for tests both genetic and functional that will scientifically analyse data and create a personalised wellness plan.  Ensuring good health through the right lifestyle choices is increasingly recognised as the way forward to improve quality of life and prevent long term chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.   This technology in 3 easy steps is available at one’s fingertips – it couldn’t have come at a better time.


Step 1 – Self assessment


Once the user logs on to, the first step is  to complete a self assessment questionnaire designed to look at the core aspects of their life.   The results from the assessment will give the user a personal wellness score that will adjust every time any new data is added to the platform.

The score is broken down into six categories – Health, Genetics, Fitness, Stress, Nutrition and Lifestyle. The user is then guided through a series of questions that help  identify potential indicators that could lead to long-term conditions in the future.  It then makes recommendations for the best test to take.


Step 2 – Testing


Omnos’ team of registered practitioners and experts have identified five initial tests that when combined, provide a unique objective picture of the user’s overall wellness. The five tests can be purchased through the platform and delivered to the user’s door.  They are all easy to take with clear instructions before being sent back to the lab for analysis. The results are made available on the Omnos dashboard where the user’s health and wellness data is in one place.

The science is continuing to improve particularly in the field of genomics, and new gene-lifestyle interactions are constantly being uncovered. Omnos’ scientific team are monitoring developments to update tests and give the user the most complete and accurate insight into their genetic and functional position.  

– The microbiome test has been designed to highlight the current state of the digestive system, identifying any hidden causes of common symptoms such as bloating, tiredness or mood swings.

– The elements test has been carefully chosen to detect 30 crucial metals and minerals that can lead to a range of conditions such as anxiety, fatigue and hypertension, amongst others.

– The enviro-toxin test is a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of the user’s overall health with 76 markers. It provides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria and a clear picture of all environmental toxins and pollutants we are constantly exposed to.

– The hormone test studies hormone changes over a 24hr period to get a complete insight into how the body is reacting across the day to fatigue, inflammation, anxiety and a range of other mood related conditions.

– The genes test covers over 700,000 genes and currently analyses around 250 that relate to health.  This builds the user’s personalised genotype which shows them how their body operates and what risks they are susceptible to. By taking this genetics test it will enable the user to receive ongoing updates on their genes as they become available.  For example, a new upcoming genetic report about Covid-19, immunity and viruses will soon be shared with Omnos users.


Step 3 – Discover and learn


The dashboard not only reports on the findings from the self assessment questionnaire and tests, but also explains in clear terms what the results mean.  It provides the user with a wellness score in six categories; Health, Genetics, Fitness, Stress, Nutrition and Lifestyle.  Omnos helps optimise targeted habit changes by suggesting ways to improve their wellness scores through personalised lifestyle improvements.

Omnos builds a tailored list of foods to add to the user’s diet, as well as highlighting those to avoid.  This can be supported by supplements that have a highly specific impact based on their individual needs, which can be bought directly on the platform. The user can also unlock recipes and advice from Omnos’ registered Nutritionists and Dietitians. These recommendations will help enhance lifestyle and fitness goals linked across all tests, so it’s clear which results are prompting each piece of advice.

For example, the genetics test may indicate an intolerance to gluten and a microbiome test might show digestive stress and a leaky gut, potentially caused by the gluten.  The recommendation will then not only advise the user to avoid gluten and automatically update the food list, but also recommend what food and supplementation to take to address the leaky gut problem. It is the combined approach of the tests  that makes the platform so powerful, providing personalised recommendations across different test types. 

Omnos democratises the science behind health, allowing the user to discover and learn. By accessing key information, they are able to plan and track their progress which can then be confirmed by repeat testing.

Health data is one of the fastest growing commodities and Omnos want communities to benefit from it. They take data ownership and security extremely seriously and the bottom line is, the data is the user’s and it won’t be used without their permission, or sold to third parties. The  user has the right to delete their profile at any time. 

Omnos has created a pioneering and innovative approach to linking data points across a range of test types that can help the user understand how to optimise their health.  Omnos believes keeping healthy is the best way to prevent long term critical illnesses whilst protecting the community we live in.

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