OpenAI Introduces GPT Store for Custom Chatbots

OpenAI has recently introduced its GPT Store, a pioneering marketplace tailored for users of the ChatGPT Plus service. This innovative platform allows paid ChatGPT users to create, buy, and sell specialised chatbot agents based on OpenAI’s advanced language models. By extending beyond its conventional offerings, OpenAI aims to cultivate a marketplace where users can explore and capitalise on a diverse range of AI tools.

The GPT Store has been likened to Apple’s App Store, fostering a burgeoning ecosystem of AI development.


Empowering Chatbot Customisation


The GPT Store enables users to fashion chatbot agents with distinctive personalities and themes, addressing an array of practical applications. These may include models for salary negotiation, lesson plan creation, recipe development, and more.

According to OpenAI’s blogpost, over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT have already been crafted, showcasing the platform’s popularity and versatility. The store is poised to become a hub for AI innovation, akin to Meta’s offering of chatbots with varying personalities.


Delayed Launch and Revenue Sharing


Originally slated for a November launch last year, the GPT Store faced delays attributed to internal conflict at OpenAI. Despite these challenges, the store is now live, offering users the ability to share and discover custom chatbots.

OpenAI plans to initiate a revenue-sharing programme in the first quarter of this year, allowing builders to be compensated based on user engagement with their GPTs. This is a great development for developers, specifically AI developers.


ChatGPT Team: Tailoring AI for Smaller Groups


Alongside the GPT Store, OpenAI introduced a new subscription tier called ChatGPT Team, catering to smaller teams of approximately 150 people. Priced at $25 per month per user for annual billing, ChatGPT Team provides access to GPT-4, DALL-E 3, and OpenAI’s Advanced Data Analysis feature.

Subscribers gain control over data, with the assurance that their data and conversations will not be used to train any of OpenAI’s models. This subscription tier empowers teams to create custom GPTs tailored to their specific needs.


GPT Builder Revenue Programme and Enhanced Review System


OpenAI disclosed its plans to launch a GPT builder revenue programme in the first quarter of this year. The programme will financially reward GPT creators based on user engagement, offering a tangible incentive for developers.

To maintain quality and adherence to guidelines, OpenAI has implemented an enhanced review system for GPTs shared on the platform. This system involves both human and automated reviews, ensuring compliance with usage policies and brand guidelines.


Empowering Builders and Users Alike


OpenAI’s GPT Store is contributing to the evolution of AI development while it empowers users to explore and leverage a multitude of custom chatbots. The move towards revenue-sharing demonstrates a commitment to recognising and rewarding the contributions of the developer community. As the GPT Store gains traction, it is poised to play a part in introducing new AI applications and customisation.