OPRO Continues to Innovate Sport Protection Market; Launches OPROtec


OPRO, producers of the world’s most technologically advanced mouthguard, today announced the launch of their new OPROtec range of compression sleeves, supports, braces and kinesiology tape, aimed at giving athletes of all levels the ability to protect and recover from injury, whilst also relieving pain.


oprotec packaging


Innovators in the field of sports protection for over 20 years, the new range will continue to champion that imperative, their products featuring materials and designs that warm and compress muscles to encourage blood flow, kickstarting the body’s natural healing process.

Specifically catering for the back, elbow and wrist joints, down to the lower extremities including the knee, calf, foot and ankle, the new collection will feature a neoprene range together with knitted compression garments, designed to protect, support and aid recovery.

The range will provide thermal compression and heat retention, promoting more efficient healing to ease muscle and joint pain. The knock-on effect of this is an increase in blood flow to the targeted area, helping the athlete recover from injury.

Priding themselves on providing the ultimate in terms of protection, retention, comfort and fit to become the world’s leading mouthguard provider, the OPROtec range will continue to recognise these pillars of success.




Engineered for long-lasting comfort during athletic activity, tested for fit on multiple body types and with an inner silicone grip used to support retention, sports marketing director Daniel Lovat is excited to launch the new range:

“OPROtec is designed to help you get back to activity as soon as possible – to keep you moving through the recovery process. It’s about protecting and then taking that a step further – relief and recovery. It’s a really exciting time for us.”

Taking that a step further, their kinesiology tape will feature industry leading antimicrobial protection from Biomaster, a unique silver ion technology, which prevents the growth of bacteria and is effective against antibiotic-resistant substances, including MRSA.

Speaking of the technology, Lovat added: “Cutting edge technology and the use of innovative design and production methods has helped us place OPRO at the forefront of protecting the safety of athletes at all levels, across a range of different ball, stick and combat sports for over two decades. With our mouthguards, and now OPROtec, we hope to continue to nurture this into the future.”

As a brand, OPRO are the official mouthguard providers to the likes of England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby, 11 of the 12 Gallagher Rugby Premiership teams, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), England Boxing, GB Taekwondo and Great Britain & England Hockey.