A Baltic Fintech is Making a Positive Change in the Western Balkans

The leading Kosovar fintech Paysera Kosovo has implemented the first Project in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and financed by the European Union’s Enterprise Development and Innovation Fund (EDIF).

The funding has helped Paysera establish new premises in Kosovo’s capital city, Priština, thus creating a friendlier atmosphere for daily business and better working conditions for the staff. The funding was based on the results Paysera has delivered during more than one year of operation, supporting businesses with faster and cheaper money transfers.

The company has reported that Kosovar businesses and individuals have saved about half a million euros, from 47 million in turnover done through 20,006 transfers, during the operation time from 1st January 2021. The transfers were made by over 20 thousand clients who have installed the app and started using the services.

Paysera, an established Lithuanian Fintech company, has opened operations in Kosovo offering cheaper money transfers and integration into the SEPA payment system. This is a unique service in the money transfer market in Kosovo. Additionally, the company offers integration of Paysera Wallets with international service providers such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other providers, services that local banks do not provide.



“These services have been used especially by Kosovar freelance IT professionals and exporting companies who previously had major problems and high expenses when receiving the money”, says the company CEO and Vice President of the group, Bashkim Zeqiri.

“We have reduced the price of transfers from SEPA countries (EU, UK, Switzerland, and Norway) from a minimum of 15 to 3 euros – from 0.15% for an amount over 10,000 from to a fixed rate of 3 euros. Transfers from other countries in Eurasia went from a minimum of 20 to 7 euros”, he adds.

“Based on our calculations, we have saved at least half a million euros for Kosovo businesses and individuals”.


Paysera Kosovo Office 2


Paysera is investing in the region, making the cost of transfers in the Western Balkans even lower. The project started with Albania and Kosovo, with further expansion planned in the Western Balkans.

“Paysera already offers euro to Albanian lek (ALL) conversion and transfers to Albanian banks for less than 1 euro. After the implementation of the project in Albania, Paysera will expand to other countries in the region,” he says.


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