PeopleGoal Drills Down on Customisation With First ‘build-as-you-go’ HR App Store for SMEs 

  • Innovative app engine breaks the mould and puts HR in the driving seat
  • Custom HR processes built in minutes with no code configuration


PeopleGoal, the agile HR app engine for SMEs, today announces a complete reinvention of its product architecture to meet growing HR demand for agility, flexibility and customisation.


PeopleGoal is an end-to-end global HR solution that helps growing businesses (100 to 500 employees) to engage and develop their people. The company’s version 2.0 platform is the first HR app store of its kind and offers a suite of 30+ best-in-class apps within five key HR themes: onboarding, engagement, performance management, culture and HRIS.


The antithesis of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, PeopleGoal now offers complete customisation so that HR teams can either modify or build tailor-made apps to better support their people and improve the employee experience. Key benefits include full visibility of team dynamics and real relationships, as well as the ability to build custom surveys in a matter of minutes.




Commenting on the company’s announcement, PeopleGoal Founder & CEO, Nikolaos Lygkonis, said: “The reinvention of our platform has been two years in the making and we’re extremely proud of the result. We have a top-quality product that is unrivalled in the SME space and we’re excited to take it to market at a time when the need for HR agility and customisation is at an all-time high.”


With no code configuration, PeopleGoal empowers HR leaders to do things when and how they want, supported by apps built on best practice templates.


James Strickland, Founder and CTO at PeopleGoal, commented: “We believe the customer knows best so we wanted to build a game-changing, customer-led product that would enable HR teams to do things their way. PeopleGoal requires no code configuration yet it unlocks all the opportunities that come with a highly agile and completely customisable solution. Our version 2.0 customers are already reporting significant time and cost savings and that’s great validation for the product we’ve created.”


Echoing this point, Nora Thomas, HR Manager at Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research – one of the first customers to start using PeopleGoal 2.0, said: “The new system has been built in direct response to customer feedback and that makes for a very relevant and nimble HR solution. The great thing about PeopleGoal is that it works for everyone – from the CEO right down to entry level positions, and it can be customised to fit any organisational structure, which offers a great employee experience.


Thomas continued: “I’ve also been really impressed by the system’s ability to seamlessly link performance reviews with compensation. This is something I’d wanted to have the ability to do from the outset and PeopleGoal’s workflow engine not only enables me to achieve this, it also lets me configure it exactly as I want.”




PeopleGoal’s new app engine also offers seamless integration with a number of leading global SaaS companies, including: BambooHR; Workday; ADP Workforce Now, UltiPro; Slack; Microsoft Azure; Microsoft Teams; and Jira.


The version 2.0 platform is already receiving strong industry recognition having been shortlisted for Best Business Application, Best Business Software Provider, and Best Software-as-a-Service Provider at the 2020 Technology Product Awards last month.


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