Pepper HQ Delivering Customer Facing Web and App Tech To The Hospitality Sector

Operators nationwide have had to respond to the fallout of COVID-19 and not only pivot their offers to survive but jump start areas of their business that may have been lying dormant for some time.

The hospitality sector in particular has had to react swiftly to changing customer habits, adjusting to a ‘new normal’ and as such, evolve with and embrace technology in a way that most have not done so before.  With economic commentators predicting a 5-year technology adoption in just 18 months, operators need to be prepared in the short term but thinking long term in line with consumer habits, wants and needs.

One provider in particular is at the forefront of helping hospitality get back on its feet, Pepper HQ, a B2B tech enabler offering the complete ordering and loyalty solution for restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops.

Whilst the restaurant tech space has become a seemingly crowded marketplace overnight, Pepper has been working closely with hospitality businesses over the past 5 years to evolve their product continuously into what it is today. As a result, in the current climate, Pepper has been able to provide the most comprehensive suite of capabilities integrating directly with restaurants’ existing technology. Pepper has enabled restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops to take their operations to the next level and provide a best-in-class digital experience for customers, as they navigate their way through these unique times.

Over and above just being a web ordering system, Pepper HQ position themselves as a long- term partner and solutions provider that focuses on creating new and enhanced customer journeys and driving more efficient operations.

Key USPs:

  • Table Ordering & Payment – safe contactless ordering, direct to table via web or branded app identifiable via NFC/QR Code, or by simply adding table number. Ability to pay safely with debit or credit card, Apple or Google pay
  • Pre-Order and Click & Collect – available for walk-in collection or curb-side pick-up via mobile or desktop
  • Loyalty & Rewards – ability to build customer engagement through loyalty and marketing, gaining valuable customer and product insights
  • Push Marketing, Customer Data & Analytics – multi-channel marketing to customer segments based on purchasing behaviour

Brands already on board and championing the work of Pepper include British pub chain, Youngs, Revolution Bars, Rick Stein Group, Brakspear, Wahaca, Inception Group & Black Sheep Coffee amongst smaller independent coffee & QSR brands including Redemption Roasters, The Espresso Room, Watch House & Coffi Co.

Paul Raynor, Head of Systems & Innovation, Young’s Pubs comments: “Pepper provides our customers with an easy way to order & pay via the Young’s on Tap app. Our customers are able to start and share a tab with friends and pay or split the bill at any time via their mobile.”

Pepper HQ’s provision of both a full ordering suite coupled with a rich loyalty and marketing capability makes it the most comprehensive solution of all currently available in the marketplace. Pepper is active in both UK and US markets. Additionally, their web product allows not only an easy to use, no download entry point, but an upgrade path to a rich native app experience for more frequent users, providing a multi-channel solution and marketing opportunity for operators.

Content produced by and on behalf of Pepper HQ