Powered by Sony, Peris Digital Brings Historic Costume Collection into the 21st Century

Sony’s highest resolution camera technology is enabling Peris Digital to create state-of-the-art digital clothing assets for virtual productions in film and TV for major players such as Netflix, Apple and Disney.

Established in 2021, Peris Digital is the child company of Peris Costumes, costume designers and curators since 1856. The company’s clothing has featured in film and TV including movies such as Dune, Disney’s live-action Mulan and hit TV series such as Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit and Peaky Blinders.

Thanks to Sony-powered photogrammetry technology, over seven million garments from the Peris Costume archives can now be recreated as digital scans and brought to life with incredible realism using post-production visual effects (VFX).

In addition to the creation of digital clothing, Peris Digital also uses its photogrammetry rig of 144 Sony Alpha 7C and Alpha 7R IV cameras to scan actors in the creation of digital mannequins and digital doubles.

Digital mannequins can be printed in 3D and worked on virtually, saving time and money on costume fittings. Digital doubles, including photo realistic hand and face scans, can be animated as both background and hero characters due to the superior image quality provided by Sony’s 61MP resolution.



By using photogrammetry with Sony’s superb resolution and high-speed data transfer, Peris Digital is setting a new industry standard in comparison with CGI or traditional 3D techniques. As well as replicating unique textures and intricate costume details with 61MP accuracy, Peris Digital’s solution also enables accelerated post-production time whilst producing the highest level of quality and agility for VFX, with truly lifelike end results.

As well as Peris Digital’s main rig based in Madrid, the company is also expanding to the use of mobile rigs featuring over 100 cameras for quick high-quality scanning on-set, anywhere in the world.

Jesus Luque, CTO at Peris Digital commented:

“Without the need for models, garments can be adapted to our clients’ needs and we can achieve a complete result in just 2-3 hours of processing by scanning existing materials and garments in seconds. We are extremely passionate about our heritage as costume curators, and it brings us great pride to be able to share our costumes in true-to-life detail with new audiences through Sony’s highest resolution technology.”

Yasuo Baba, Director of Digital Imaging, Sony Europe BV added:

“It has been our pleasure to support the digital transformation of Peris Costumes and witness the incredible growth of Peris Digital. From setting up and programming the rig with our Camera Remote SDK for optimum camera synchronization, to seeing the costumes brought to life on screen, we look forward to supporting Peris Digital’s next developments and maintaining their position at the forefront of the digital costuming industry.”

Having made its name in the film and TV industry, Peris Digital looks to further expand into the gaming space. Harnessing the power of Web3 to reach an even greater audience, the company is keen to costume the metaverse with next-level realism.