Philippines Tops List Of Countries With Most Female Investors

New research has revealed the countries with the highest proportion of female investors – with the Philippines taking the top spot.


Globally, investors are predominantly male, with the number of male users outnumbering females in every single country around the world and a global split of 76% male to 24% female.

Investing experts at BrokerChooser have analysed their internal data to reveal the proportion of female investors globally.

Research found that The Philippines is the country with the highest percentage of female investors, at 44%. Amongst the other nations to have relatively high levels of female traders were a number of Caribbean islands, including Barbados (39%), Trinidad & Tobago (38%) and Jamaica (37%).

The European nation with the greatest equality between male and female investors is Belarus, with a 64-36 split in favour of men.


Countries with the highest proportion of female investors include:

  1. The Philippines (44%)
  2. Barbados (39%)
  3. Papua New Guinea (38%)
  4. Trinidad & Tobago (38%)
  5. Jamaica (37%)
  6. Bahamas (36%)
  7. Belarus (36%)
  8. Hong Kong (35%)
  9. Mongolia (35%)
  10. China (34%)

Conversely, Countries with the lowest proportion of female investors include:

  1. Bangladesh (12%)
  2. Saudi Arabia (14%)
  3. Somalia (14%)
  4. Pakistan (15%)
  5. Brazil (16%)