Plateaway Restaurant Meal Kit Review

During this unprecedented period of remote working, social distancing, curfews and lockdowns, people across the globe have had to adapt to a more homely lifestyle.

For many, this more remote “new normal” has brought out people’s culinary side – the frenzy of banana bread and sourdoughs earlier this year now almost seeming nostalgic to the months of ever-changing government measures, second wave concerns, and a growing fear that our favourite restaurants and bars will have to shut down for good.

However, one startup bringing something positive to our once again lockdown lives, helping to feed our inner-lockdown-chefs whilst keeping restaurants busy from a safe remote distance is Plateaway – a new meal delivery service launched during July this year, offering a range of kits for people to create restaurant-quality meals straight from their own kitchen.


How It Works

The restaurants Plateaway has partnered with prep the meal boxes, making sure all of the necessary ingredients, quantities, and most importantly recipes, are packed away and ready for customers to enjoy.

From pizzas to sushi to fresh hot donuts, Plateaway offers a vibrant range of different meals to choose from, all of which come with the ingredients prepped into the correct amounts, alongside easy-to-follow recipes and instructions on the foods shelf life and how to store them.

Plateaway also offer video guides for their kits, going through recipes step-by-step so even the most novice of cooks can easily cook along.

Meal kits vary in price – Lord of Poké’s meal kits for example (the one we reviewed) offering kits ranging from £26.50 to £30.95.




What Did We Think

With such glowing reviews, we felt it only right to try one of Plateaway’s meal boxes for ourselves – opting for the Lord of Poké Spicy DIY Kit.




The box arrived with fresh sashimi grade salmon (our “protein of choice”), fresh chilli, edamame, kimchi cucumbers and everything else needed to create tasty Poké bowls for two.

Everything was packaged and organised excellently, and the recipe was easy and enjoyable to follow. Impressed by the outcome, our Poké bowl meal for two was restaurant-quality delicious, made right from the comfort of home. The salmon tasted amazingly fresh, as did everything else, with a great-tasting sauce, sesame seeds and crispy onions to finish it off.


Final Thoughts

With a second national lockdown looming, startups like Plateaway could be a source of comfort for those missing restaurant-cooked meals. Through a combination of easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality ingredients, Plateaway offers a fantastic alternative to dining at a restaurant, with meals made to be just as good as eating out in a socially distanced, lockdown-friendly way.