Platform launching to streamline commuter accommodation industry and help people live flexibly


People have been leaving the city to find the ultimate work-life balance, but they still often need to be in London for work for a few days a month. Combined with the recent global pandemic, workers and companies are both adjusting to the new Work From Home norm. 

This is where Restfull comes in. 

London property and rent prices reveal a disparity between workers’ salaries and their housing options. But commuting in and out of London is frequently unfeasible and expensive for many. Hotels and Airbnbs provide options to stay in the city, however they come at a significant monetary and time cost. The average London hotel price is £172 per night. We provide the same quality of accommodation for £75 by negotiating reduced rates with our partners, a significant saving of 56.4%. 

Live flexibly. 

Overpaying for Hotels? Fed up of misleading Airbnb pictures? We’ve fixed that. 

With its innovative new platform, Restfull takes the stress out of the booking process and the pressure off commuter budgets. It couldn’t be easier. Simply let us know how often you need to be in London, what dates, where your office is and any preferences. The Restfull dedicated concierge service will organise and book you in to a serviced apartment within 15 minutes walk of the office and voila! You’ll get directions, information and local perks sent straight to your phone. 

Rizwan Noor, Founder & CEO said: “Our mission is to help people live more flexibly. For decades people have centred their housing decisions around their ‘Monday to Friday, 9-5’ jobs. As a result they either had the choice of living in expensive, overcrowded cities or commute long distances in order to have more space in the suburbs. All this is changing rapidly with the rise of flexible work and the ‘WFH’ revolution. Overnight, jobs have adapted to the new normal, but the way people live has to catch up. We are out to fix that starting with allowing people to stay in the city regularly whenever they need to, but be free to live wherever they want” 

There’s no sign up cost for anyone to get involved. Currently Restfull is accepting users registering their interest throughout the month of July to be part of the exclusive launch. They’re invited to sign up with their email address on the Restfull website to be amongst the first users to benefit from the Restfull lifestyle straight away.