Pocketalk announces two new products for 2022 and GDPR compliance as it transitions from hardware-centric business to global solution

Pocketalk today announces its plans to become a global communication platform following the success of its digital language translation device. To date Pocketalk has focused on innovation to break down communication barriers through hardware and software services, but the company now has its sights set on bringing simple, quick and effective language translation to all through its new cloud-based solution – Pocketalk Subtitles.

Additionally, Pocketalk is  also expanding its hardware product offering with the Pocketalk Plus as well as announcing that all its products and services are now fully GDPR compliant.

Pocketalk subtitles 



Virtual meetings became a way of life in 2021. Ideal settings for single language discussion but a platform that fell short on the needs of the global business environment and multilingual world. Pocketalk Subtitles meets this challenge head on with the fastest way to generate subtitles, most importantly, conversationally accurate ones, currently available on any meeting platform. Pocketalk Subtitles is ideal for business, education, or personal communication in 82 languages. Pocketalk subtitles will be available in April 2022 priced at £7.99 per month. Open beta will be available in February 2022 on both Mac & Windows. This is going to be downloadable as a free trial period.

Pocketalk Plus 



With its launch in 2018, Pocketalk was originally designed as a travel-friendly practical communication tool. However, with an increased need for social distancing, Pocketalk developed the Pocketalk Plus which has a larger screen that is readable from six feet of distance, a strong speaker, and a noise-cancelling microphone.

Pocketalk Plus is already being used by those working in medicine, travel, education, hospitality and logistics around the world in multilingual communities. Not only does it help to enhance communication, it reduces human interpreter exposure to Covid-19.

 Other features of the device include:

  • Translations for 82 languages
  • The ability to seamlessly provide audio readout in native language
  • A camera that translates text and written words
  • Built-in data (no need for wifi)
  • Access anytime and anywhere – slipping easily into a lab coat, Pocketalk is completely portable
  • Quick and easy to sanitise – just one swipe of an alcohol wipe and you’re able to move from patient to patient

Pocketalk Plus is available now for £349.


GDPR compliance 

Pocketalk has become the first GDPR-compliant handheld translation device. The announcement comes on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, which inspired Pocketalk to focus its efforts on connecting a number of users across a number of industries including healthcare, education and logistics. Pocketalk was a critical tool for medical professionals and first responders, arming them with quick, accurate translations in the field when it mattered most.

Nori Matsuda, Pocketalk’s CEO, Pocketalk said: “Our mission is now an international one: to remove language barriers and connect all humans through conversations — the ones happening in all sorts of environments: medicine, education, logistics, personal. We’re now speaking in one “common” language — a necessity in a world where, as the past two years have shown us, we share one common biology. We believe that everyone should be able to communicate easily across every corner of the globe which is why we have created these new products to cater to everyone’s needs.”