Power Is Shifting To Employees Says Corporate Headhunter

One of the business world’s leading recruitment figures has said power in the recruitment market is shifting to employees as companies are struggling to hold on to talent. Corporate headhunter Monica Lagercrantz, co-founder and CEO of BoardClic, said finding people who are passionate about what they do is crucial in building successful businesses.

“I’m convinced, you do the job if you are passionate. I think then you create much more value but it’s also a fact in the UK that as everywhere else the power is moving from the employer to the employees. If you are young, ambitious, not only young, but today you really have the power so that’s why the boardroom is full of discussions about how to retain talent and how to attract talent.”

She made her comments in the Money Talks interview segment during On The Money with Liam Halligan on GB News.

Lagercrantz said BoardClic is a software platform that evaluates boards of directors and management teams and aggregates knowledge to assist recruitment decisions.

“So you become sort of a data-mining place yourself, you know a lot about people, you get to know a lot about businesses and I have to  say you get sort of  influenced by all these great and interesting people who you speak to,” she said.

She added: “What I noticed was that we all as headhunters look for the best talent, the top talent, the best leaders – greatest and the best – but then when you all these fantastic in place, I picked up so many, actually too many comments from these professionals that made me think if only all of this would come in light and would be known to the owners, the chairman and the CEO and there would be much more value created, basically.

“It’s not about breaching confidentiality in any way, it’s like about having something now in the market that’s much better than what it used to be because adding data, adding technology to what we used to do, consulting in the boardroom does really give businesses and owners much more value and it’s time efficient, it’s cost efficient, it’s fact-based and its all about transparency basically. With data and technology and a platform like BoardClic you have transparency to the very top and it’s important to know and understand you set the tone from the top of businesses.”