Pre-launch Investors Flock to Fund Home Repairs Trailblazers Just Fix

London-based entrepreneur Adam Graham is the mastermind behind Just Fix a new urgent home repairs concept on a mission to shake up the stagnant home maintenance sector. 

Set for public launch in July 2022, Just Fix promises to deliver trusted trades in real-time. It connects customers with pre-vetted tradespeople to provide the fastest and most trusted solutions to urgent home maintenance needs. 

This month, Just Fix has underpinned its determination to democratise initial investment opportunities, with early-stage advocates of the service investing in first-round funding through an equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. Just Fix smashed out the funding target within 24 hours of launching Seedrs and is looking to drive further interest in the overfunding.

CEO and founder Adam says Just Fix has demonstrated strong early traction with its revenue-generating proof of concept and the pre-registration of more than 500 Fixers and 3,200 customers so far.

Furthermore, Just Fix’s ongoing first-round funding has blitzed through its initial £200,000 target – and it’s all systems go prior to full launch. “We have a working app currently in beta testing, and will launch to the public once we have closed this initial funding round,” says Adam.

Once launched, Adam envisages high levels of reassurance and transparency for customers and tradespeople, thanks to Just Fix’s fast, stress-free user experience. He explains: “We believe current aggregator solutions are slow, opaque and frustrating for customers and suppliers alike”. 

“Just Fix aims to disrupt this market and provide an intuitive and super-fast way of connecting customers to local, self-employed tradespeople in their immediate vicinity. “With Just Fix, finding a locksmith will be as easy as booking a taxi or a take-away.”

Adam has previously built a number of successful companies in the technology and marketing sectors. He developed the Just Fix idea after a frustrating experience trying to find a quick remedy to his own property maintenance emergency. 



With his latest venture, Adam has identified urgent home maintenance as an industry overdue for a serious shake-up, with customers desperate for fast, intuitive remedies to fix everyday issues around the home.

Adam says: “Some trades are already set up for fast response work, such as locksmiths, home appliance engineers, glaziers and gas safety engineers. “We will be focusing on these trades first, as they are already used to responding quickly and can immediately benefit from the advanced technology Just Fix will provide them.”

Adam regards speed as very much the essence of Just Fix’s industry-disrupting concept. “None of the current aggregator options is truly set up for fast-response jobs,” he says. “In fact, their user experience is frustrating and dated.

“With Just Fix, we have an opportunity to provide the high level of customer service and quality assurance you might get from a one-stop-shop operator – except in our case with a more competitive price point.

“By combining the best of both these worlds we are creating a highly scalable business which ties strong customer satisfaction with excellent business growth opportunities for self-employed Fixers.”

Adam sees an opportunity to provide a streamlined, modern user experience that people are already accustomed to on platforms in other industries – and apply it to the urgent home maintenance sector. “We aim to do this at a competitive price while providing self-employed Fixers with opportunities to gain more work with no speculative cost, and providing customers with additional levels of trust which will make them return,” he says.

Adam says Just Fix’s fast, easy-to-use technology – including remote video – is a key component of the concept. “Our Just Fix app and online tech take customers to a booking in just 30 seconds. Customers will discover this no-waiting solution means considerably less stress. 

“We use a real-time selection of professional local Fixers, and customers use geo-location and real-time tracking of their Fixer’s progress to the job. “Just Fix customers can also chat to our tradespeople via video. The tradespeople can then identify the fastest way to triage urgent home emergencies and decide the most effective first steps. 

“We are blazing a trail in offering the slickest, quickest, stress-free experience for customers.” Along with these customer benefits, signing up for the Just Fix model provides a work-boosting boon for tradespeople. 

“Tradespeople will benefit from logging in and taking on additional jobs to top up quiet periods in their schedule; such as if a job is cancelled at the last minute, or they finish early and have unexpected extra capacity,” says Adam.

Adam believes the increased confidence that Just Fix provides by levelling out the peaks and troughs in a tradesperson’s diary is powerful. He says: “It gives tradespeople the confidence to, for example, take on an additional team member to help them jump forward to the next stage in their growth and as our Fixers use the system more, they will be able to build a predictable pipeline of work that will prove transformative to their business.”

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