Prism Announces Auction Of First “Jackson Pollock” NFT

PRISM is proud to announce the auction of ‘Autumn White Drip’, this Masterpiece is a magnificent portrayal attributed to, and signed, “Jackson Pollock.” This piece is a never-before-publicly displayed acrylic on board and is being offered in a limited, exclusive run of 10 editions displayed at NFT MENA.

Thought by several museum curators to be from between 1945 – 1948, Pollock’s energy through his abstract expressionism paintings garnered global attention and defined him as a leader in the revolutionary period of Mid-Century American Art.

The emergence of a previously unknown Pollock attributed piece marks a historical point for the NFT industry, as household names and titans of the art world make the move toward this new, innovative asset class.

First time buyers of this NFT Masterpiece will receive an actual sized, framed print on canvas with a Certificate of Authenticity linking each print with its 1 of 10 NFT. The NFT market is emerging from infancy, maturing as a pioneer of the tech revolution – with specific regard to the latest, digital chapter the art industry is experiencing.

This once-in-a-lifetime auction is hosted by PRISM NFT Marketplace, a platform dedicated to curating globally renowned artwork and exhibits. This piece, attributed to Jackson Pollock, will be exhibited at NFT MENA from the 16th to 18th of March, a special VIP event in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The event seeks to bring NFT technology to a new market in the middle-east. ‘Autumn White Drip’ will be the crowning jewel of an otherwise glorious event intended to boost the profile of the NFT industry in a way we have not experienced yet.