Profit Over Personal Belief for Sustainable Investments

Today’s society is arguably the most environmentally aware, more conscious about everything from climate change to plastic pollution. But how much of this is just lip service? How much of our personal beliefs about the environment translate into our investment choices? SaveonEnergy analysed the latest data from Schroders and Ahrefs to see which countries are putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to sustainable investments.

Most Conscious About Sustainable Investments

The research found that with an average of 483,000 online searches per year for sustainable investments, the United States are seemingly the most environmentally conscious when it comes to investing. The searches include ESG investments, impact investments, ethical investments and green investments. Yet, despite this, the US had the lowest percentage of people who would reject an investment if it conflicted with their personal beliefs (67%).

Japan was in second position with an average of 159,000 annual online searches for sustainable investments – the equivalent of 436 searches each day. Compared to American investors, Japanese investors seem to have a greater moral compass as 76% admit they would reject an investment proposal if it went against their personal beliefs.


How Much Does the UK Care About Sustainability?

The UK is in third place where there is an average of 111,120 online searches every year for sustainable investments – comparable to 9,260 searches per month. Interestingly, 78% of British investors would refuse a potential investment opportunity if it did not meet their moral code meaning only 22% of British investors would put profit over personal beliefs. Sustainable investors in the UK believe global warming/climate change (61%) is the environmental issue that businesses should most pay attention to in 2021


The Least Environmentally Conscious Countries

With only 600 online searches a year for sustainable investments, Portugal fared worst, coming at the bottom of the 31-country list. With a population of 10,280,00 that accounts for an average of 58 searches per one million people, annually. That being said, an overwhelming 82% of Portuguese investors would not invest in a business proposition if it went against their personal beliefs.


Most Popular Sustainable Investments

Investors are prioritising global warming / climate change for sustainable investments in 2021 (61% of investors). This is closely followed by plastic pollution (54%) and air pollution (49%). Overall, 65% of sustainable investors believe businesses can do ‘much more’ in the new year to help combat various environmental issues.