Proof Trading Chooses AG Grid To Enhance Financial Insights For Investors

A new institutional equities execution platform called Proof Trading, has chosen to use AG Grid’s Enterprise React Data Grid, to build a highly functional and easily usable digital record of financial trade data.

Proof Trading are open about how their platform works and have made all their algorithms public for the sake of full transparency. AG Grid Enterprise edition therefore provided the perfect solution for them, creating a cutting edge data insights experience for its userbase of institutional investors and brokers.

The Enterprise edition of AG Grid gives Proof Trading users access to virtual columns and rows for a highly performant grid to handle millions of records. It also has a customisable right-click context menu and status bar to show summary and counts, as well as the ability to copy cell content to the clipboard, and a save and load configuration of the grid.

AG Grid also has a reputation for fast updates, and no lag when navigating. It features instant column sorting and grouping, speedy and customisable search options, custom rendering for cell and CSS control for rows and cells based on conditional logic.

The AG Grid solution was so impressive to the Proof Trading team via its flexibility and ability to handle larger datasets, that it was selected over three other competitor solutions, including Proof Trading’s own datagrid.

Prerak Sanhvi, CTO for Proof Trading, said, “AG Grid does not seem overly opinionated in how things should be done, beyond the standard set of features, it hands over the tools and lets the developer figure things out. We like this part very much. It allows us to be flexible and pick-n-choose when and where to roll up our sleeves to get exactly what we want. We would much rather this approach than something more opinionated and locked-down, resulting in more situations where it’s make or break.

“AG Grid covers a wide array of features, which so far, we find adequately exposed through its API. There are call backs and event listeners that allow for easy grafting into the UI lifecycle. Early on we did find differences in how some of the column models were implemented, but it seems that AG Grid had recently put in work to consolidate this area, which definitely translated to quality of life improvements downstream.”

Niall Crosby, CEO, CTO and Founder of AG Grid said, “Proof Trading needed a data grid that matches the technical excellence of their platform, while also providing a positive user experience. We are thrilled they chose AG Grid to build their trading blotter and connect their users with transparent and flexible data insights.

“Institutional investing is extremely fast-paced, and governed by millions of data points. Users can rest assured that our data grids are more than capable of dealing with high volume and high frequency trading environments, and providing a number of other functions to help empower their trading decisions,” added Crosby.