PropTech Startup, Evo, Raises £1 Million Investment


Proptech Startup, Evo has gained a £1 million investment. This investmnt came through the GroVentive investment platform and is supported by the venture capital firm Moscar Capital.

The idea of Evo is to connect landlords, residents and trade professionals, they do this in order to make the property management process more transparent and it drives down the associated costs.

Evo is working across the private and public sectors; in the public sector, housing associations and local authorities are Evo’s fastest-growing segment.

Evo has the ability to give landlords greater insights into their properties, with access to detailed service histories, and the ability to track jobs in real-time.  Landlords and property managers benefit from a low-cost monthly subscription, while trades professionals can accept jobs on the site.

For residents, Evo’s platform means renters are empowered with more information about their homes and can report problems through its mobile app, leading to much improved turnaround times and greater customer service levels.

Evo has been nicknamed the “Uber of Property Management” had was co-founded by Dean Shepherd and Mark Iandoli in 2018. It is backed by experts in the field with Steve Norris, former MP and Minister for Transport becoming Evo’s chariman in 2019.


Co-founder Dean Shepherd commented on the investment saying that “with a tech-first approach, Evo is more like Uber or Deliveroo compared to the more traditional property management processes which are still the status quo,”

“Renters have been crying out for a better way to communicate with their landlords and property managers, and our site goes a long way to improving what is normally a slow and frustrating process.”

Chairman Steve Norris added: “We were delighted by the response to this funding round, as it shows our investors’ belief in the attractiveness of a smartphone enabled way to make the whole occupier experience less stressful, while offering landlords a more cost effective solution in managing repairs and maintenance services.”