Puppet Expands Educational Offerings with Launch of Puppet Practice Labs

The latest asynchronous, browser-based tutorial series from Puppet helps practitioners learn to perform real-world automation tasks in minutes.


Puppet, the industry standard for infrastructure automation, launched Puppet Practice Labs, a series of short, step-by-step challenges using a browser-based sandbox to help students work through code and immediately see results. The free, ongoing education series is geared to practitioners who want to learn how to automate and manage their infrastructure and application workflow anywhere using Puppet technologies.

Unlimited choices and the growth of cloud have led to complex enterprise environments. Increasingly, businesses are looking to infrastructure automation technologies like Puppet to help manage and automate this complexity in a simple and continuous manner. According to Gartner, the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened digital adoption leading to more than 58% of workforces reporting skill transformations since the onset of the pandemic.


Introduced to meet this demand, Puppet Practice Labs provides practitioners hands-on experience with the code right in the browser. Current course offerings include:

Nikki McDonald, senior manager of technical education at Puppet, said:

“Puppet makes automation software because we believe people have better things to do. We’ve built these courses to be accessible and outcome driven, so people can get the skills they need to do their job more efficiently and safely through automation. With more than 40,000 organisations using Puppet, and the demand growing for engineers, administrators, developers, architects, and managers with Puppet experience, there are so many opportunities for us to have a positive impact on people’s day to day and enhance their skills to help fuel their careers.”


Puppet Practice Labs is a new series on Puppet Compass, which serves as a gateway to the educational content and documentation built by Puppet and the external Puppet community. Puppet Practice Labs give practitioners the opportunity to discover how Puppet can help teams modernise, manage, and bring into compliance their hybrid infrastructure through continuous automation without requiring them to download or pay anything.


About Puppet


Puppet helps enterprises modernise and manage their infrastructure with the solutions to automate anywhere, reliably scale, and integrate compliance and security across hybrid infrastructure. More than 40,000 organisations — including more than 80 percent of the Global 5000 — have benefited from Puppet’s open source and commercial solutions to ensure business continuity, optimise costs, boost compliance and ensure security, all while accelerating the adoption of DevOps practices and delivery of self-service. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Puppet is a privately held company with offices in London, Belfast, Singapore, Sydney and Timișoara. Learn more at puppet.com.