Reddit’s Rewards Programme Will Pay Creators For Popular Posts

In recent news, Reddit is introducing a change that many didn’t see coming. Users will now earn real money from their contributions to the site. This is a shift from the platform’s previous “Gold” system. Reddit Gold was once a type of virtual reward, but the updates will allow users to receive cash for the posts that resonate most with the community.

A Change in Rewarding Content

Reddit’s management has decided to work on the Gold system. It was a process where users could buy and award gold badges to posts and comments that stood out in terms of quality. The badge was a mark of recognition but had no financial value. Under the new system, Reddit has introduced the option for users to buy golden upvotes, costing around £1.50 each, which will have real monetary value.

The New Gold System

Under the revamped system, Reddit is scrapping the old virtual rewards, including Reddit Gold. Golden upvotes are taking their place. Users can now buy these upvotes, starting at about £1.63 to award posts that they find valuable. When a user awards a golden upvote, it replaces the regular upvote icon, signalling the post’s value.

“To incentivise top creators, you need to provide opportunities for them to generate an income,” said social media expert Matt Navarra.

The transformation in the gold system could change the dynamics of content generation and engagement on the platform, with cash incentives likely to influence user behaviour.

The Reddit Contributor Programme

Reddit now allows eligible users, including moderators, to earn real money for their contributions. Contributors qualify if they are at least 18 years old, live in an eligible location, and achieve a minimum Karma threshold over a 12-month period. The amount of money earned depends on the Karma and gold that users receive.

“A golden upvote will appear in place of a regular upvote after gilding,” explained Reddit in their announcement.

Users will need to accumulate at least ten gold to cash out, and the payout per gold varies depending on the user’s Karma. It’s a novel approach to recognise and reward the contributions that keep the Reddit community buzzing.


Changes and Reactions

Reddit has faced its fair share of controversies, including user protests and backlash against senior management and policy changes. The Reddit Gold system and introduction of the Contributor Programme can be seen as efforts to appease and reward the community.

The announcement received mixed reactions from users. While some anticipate a more vibrant and quality-driven content ecosystem, others are wary of the potential alteration in the type of content that might become popular.

“This incentivises users to post content that sparks the most replies,” warned Navarra, pointing to the possibility of a surge in polarising and provocative content.

Payments and Eligibility

On the operational side, Reddit’s plan to pay users is systematic and structured. Reddit pays participants in the Contributor Programme monthly, based on the Karma and gold they receive. This tangible reward system is set to roll out initially in the US, with plans for expansion to other regions.

For posts to be monetisable, they must adhere to Reddit’s User Agreement and Content Policy. Enforcement actions will be stringent, ensuring content that violates these guidelines doesn’t get monetised.

Reddit’s Evolution

This phase in Reddit’s approach to user engagement and content monetisation represents an adaptative way around social media. Financial rewards attached to user contributions could mean the platform is likely to experience a change. User behaviour, content quality and community engagement, to be specific. This places Reddit on a new path, where user contributions are not just valued in likes and upvotes.