Reimagine Remote Signing Experiences with DocuSign eSignature for Zoom

One big outcome of the pandemic is that we’re living in an anywhere economy – where you can complete everyday tasks–personal or work-related–from virtually anywhere. You can now do video banking, get documents notarised remotely and even have touchless car buying experiences, all without the hurdles of commuting to be in person.

Modern organisations are implementing new technology to keep business moving for their employees, customers and partners. DocuSign research revealed the top two tools organisations have invested in during this time are electronic signature and video conferencing software.

That’s why we’re excited to share that DocuSign is partnering with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., the leading video communications platform, to make it even easier to complete agreements from anywhere. DocuSign eSignature for Zoom enables organisations to reimagine agreement processes with virtual, face-to-face signing experiences that accelerate time to agreement – while building trust and loyalty.

“Employees don’t want to spend their days toggling between countless apps and emails, especially when working with customers or partners. They want tools that streamline workflows and easily enable them to connect and collaborate,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations. “We’re excited about DocuSign eSignature for Zoom as it allows stakeholders to review agreements together in real time before signing, helping eliminate communication silos and accelerate the completion of agreements.”

“The past few years have highlighted the need for agility and better productivity tools to meet the evolving needs of customers,” said Jerome Levadoux, SVP of Sign, DocuSign. “We are excited to partner with Zoom to offer the DocuSign eSignature app for Zoom to make it easier than ever to streamline how we collaborate and come to agreement in the emerging anywhere economy.”



Securely Find, Review & Complete Agreements Right From Zoom

Build trust and loyalty with a more connected experience

When negotiating contracts, signers often have details they want to discuss before they sign. Instead of the hassle of meeting in person or going back and forth over email, you can now talk through the details live in Zoom. Once you iron out the details, signers can then sign and complete the agreement live. Signers don’t need a Zoom account, or a DocuSign account – they just need to show up to the meeting.

Expedite agreement processes

Easily access the DocuSign eSignature app from your Zoom meeting. Rather than asking a signer to scour through their email to find, share and sign the agreement, you can find the agreement in the eSignature app from the Apps menu in your Zoom meeting and present it to them right in Zoom.

Reduce risk with enhanced signer identification

Whether you need simple authentication or more robust ID verification, you can safeguard your agreements by leveraging DocuSign’s enhanced signer identification methods with DocuSign eSignature for Zoom. For instance, while in your video conferencing session, you can automatically verify a signer’s government-issued photo ID or eID in real-time with ID Verification.

Gain more control over what you share

With the eSignature app for Zoom you only share the relevant agreement. Signers can’t see your desktop, browser windows, or your other DocuSign agreements–helping reduce security risks.

DocuSign eSignature for Zoom can be used for almost any agreement across any line of business or industry to securely collect signatures digitally. Common examples include:

  • Sales contracts
  • New hire onboarding forms
  • Wealth management transfers
  • Service activation
  • Insurance claims and policies
  • Plea documents
  • New client onboarding
  • Patient consent forms