Reinventing the Job Market

Jobs OneGlobe

With the global job market being in a state of flux, job seekers and employers have had increased difficulties finding one another effectively. Jobs OneGlobe, a job listings platform under OneGlobe Life LTD, aims to reinvent the way employers and recruiters find the talent for their job vacancies.

Jobs OneGlobe’s core idea is to bring talent and opportunity together and to facilitate the growth of its users. It aims to create a safe environment that will enable job satisfaction and personal growth along with the employers’ requirements in the most crucial parts of one’s life journey – the process of seeking new and exciting professional opportunities.

Hiring the Right Talent

Given that every employer or recruiter will have unique expectations from the candidates they hire, they’ll naturally expect certain features to be available to them. Jobs OneGlobe has created a number of features for employers who want to have full control over their job listings. It will soon bring on real value through its KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and pre-screening functionality which will provide its customers with the transparency and data they need to make informed future hiring decisions.

As a token of trust and appreciation for the fact that they’re using Jobs OneGlobe, the platform has made it possible for employers to publish the first job listing for free. This is in stark contrast to many other job listings platforms with a higher barrier for entry, making Jobs OneGlobe a more accessible and user-friendly choice for employers.

Jobs OneGlobe features packages that are focused on the job listing and company promotion, as well as CV visibility, which are designed to make matching job seekers with job vacancies even faster and more effective for employers.

Finding Worldwide Job Opportunities

Job seekers struggle with finding a reliable job listings platform that they can use long-term, beyond looking for jobs. Jobs OneGlobe’s principle idea is to make personal development an integral part of its user experience. It’s why the platform has taken the steps to become open to B2B partnerships with any organization, or HR business with similar goals.

Job seekers can use Jobs OneGlobe’s custom-built professional CV builder to create multiple new CVs to apply for jobs with. The CV builder is designed with a smooth user experience in mind, excluding unnecessary data to arrive at the heart of what employers and recruiters want to see in candidates’ CVs.

What the Future Holds

Jobs OneGlobe is on track to meet the demands of today’s employers and job seekers head-on. With valuable partnerships with organizations like Jobs for Humanity, the platform is on an upward trend.

Likewise, Jobs OneGlobe features language packages that suit our customers’ needs for professional language learning. The platform will also soon have valuable systems such as KYC and pre-screening procedures for anyone looking to hire or get hired. All that’s left is to create an account at Jobs OneGlobe and explore the possibilities of the platform, with new functionalities already in active development.