Research Shows Three Quarters of NHS Staff Are Considering Quitting

The brutal reality of working in the NHS today is revealed with 78.5% of NHS workers considering leaving the NHS

Research from Organise has revealed alarming levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout among healthcare professionals.

Burnout as the primary cause

The comprehensive survey of 2,500 NHS workers has revealed the tough reality that healthcare professionals are facing due to understaffing, with more than half (55%) of respondents taking days off work due to stress, anxiety, or burnout.

The heavy price of low pay and understaffing in the NHS is taking its toll, with more than half of NHS workers experiencing burnout. As a result NHS workers say patients are experiencing medication errors, delays in procedures and administering medication, increased waiting times, and a compromised quality of care.

Understaffing is leading to increased pressure on healthcare workers, resulting in burnout, exhaustion and mistakes. This burnout is compounding the problem with NHS workers considering leaving the sector altogether.


A call for support

The results from this survey underscore the urgent need for improved working conditions and better support systems for NHS workers. In light of these findings, it is critical for the NHS and the wider healthcare sector to address the issues of stress, anxiety, and burnout among staff.

Failing to do so could result in the loss of valuable healthcare professionals to other sectors or industries, further impacting the NHS’s ability to provide quality care to patients.

Nat Whalley, CEO and co-founder of Organise, comments “NHS workers are exposing a ticking time bomb at the heart of our healthcare system. A staggering 78% of NHS workers are considering jobs outside the NHS, which could result in a severe shortage of healthcare professionals, compromising patient care and the very foundation of our NHS. Thousands of us are demanding better pay, improved working conditions, and comprehensive support systems for our invaluable healthcare professionals.

“We don’t need empty promises; we need tangible investments in the NHS that allow workers to thrive in their roles, without suffering from stress, anxiety, and burnout. Listen to us, invest in the well-being of our NHS workforce, and ensure the future of our NHS.”