Resooma ventrures into fintech with launch of Resooma Bills

The U.K. accommodation booking platform, Resooma, is venturing into fintech and utilities. They recently announced the launch of Resooma Bills, a new platform designed to make managing household expenditures easy. The Cardiff-based company’s main business is an accommodation marketplace, aimed at students and renters aged 18-30. They are now on a mission to help ‘generation rent’ sort bills and utilities.

Founded in 2014 by Jack Jenkins, Dan Jefferys and Christian Samuel, Resooma is an answer to the student lettings market. Today, the company is widening its remit to “fix the outdated methods” of renting and living together in shared accommodations.

“The existing processes, much of which [are] sitting offline, was a total mess and the numbers of people who have to experience it is climbing rapidly,” says co-founder Jenkins. “With more people living in shared accommodation post University life, we aim to appeal to a time constrained user base that want instant gratification from the products and services they use. We’re building a solution for generation rent.”

Resooma started by eradicating the viewing process, or at least make it digital, and help facilitate bookings online. “Student and young professionals are time sensitive, often nomadic in choosing where they work and live and as such our platform needs to cater for this,” says Jenkins.

The next problem the company plans to solve surrounds utilities and the splitting of household bills. “We’ve all sat there in our new home, admiring the wall paper for the first two weeks while we wait for the internet or Sky TV to be set up. It’s brainless really, and we’re fixing it,” he says.

“Our product journey will put utilities as part of the rental transaction, allowing users to set up their household bills directly through the platform at the time of booking. What’s more, we’ll allow you to split these bills evenly between all tenants.”