Revealed: UK’s Most Trusted Brands for 2021

Leading brand management platform, ProQuo AI, reveals the Top 100 most trusted brands as determined by over 300,000 consumers, with Maltesers, PayPal & Dettol ranking among the Top 10.

Chilly’s Most Trusted Brand for UK & USA

Chilly’s has been named as the UK’s and the USA’s most trusted brand, according to a recent study by ProQuo AI, the leading AI-powered brand management platform helping marketers grow brands with certainty.

Household brands Chilly’s, Maltesers and PayPal, rank as the top three most trusted brands across the UK and USA, with consumers citing commitment to ethics, clear sustainable goals and reliability as key drivers behind their decision.

Using real-time analysis of consumers’ immediate feelings and thoughts (their System 1 response), ProQuo AI has today revealed the ‘Brand Integrity Index’; a report of 100 brands across 50 different categories that highlight the nation’s most trusted brands, as voted for by over 300,000* consumers over the past three months.

The recognition is based on consumers’ automatic, intuitive and unconscious system one response towards a brand; uncovering which brands score highest for Integrity, one of ProQuo AI’s 16 Drivers of a brands relationship with people. ProQuo AI’s Integrity score ranks brand principles, company values, and overall brand trust perception. The highest scoring brands, Chilly’s, Maltesers and PayPal achieved 71.2, 70.7 and 70.2 respectively on the scale, all rising in integrity over the past three months.

Post-Coronavirus Trends

Following the coronavirus cleaning boom, ProQuo AI also confirms two household cleaning companies ranking in the Top 10, Fairy & Dettol, whilst a surge in consumers working and therefore eating from home, drives inclusion for both Whole Earth and Meridian from the household spreads category. And with the rise of home dining spurred by lockdown, over half of the Top 25 spots are claimed by food and beverage brands, including No3 Gin, Cadbury, BirdsEye & Plant Power frozen goods.


1.  Chilly’s
2.  Maltesers
3.  PayPal
4.  Fairy
5.  Whole Earth
6.  Just Giving
7.  Dettol
8.  Ella’s Kitchen
9.  Meridian
10. Organix

ProQuo AI – founded by Nadim Sadek in 2018 and boasting customers in the UK, US and Canada such as Harry’s Grooming, Tony’s Chocolonely, method, Pip & Nut – uses hard-tech to generate AI-powered custom action-plans, fuelled by real-time analysis of any brand, its competition and category.

The Importance of Trustworthy Brands

Marketers can overlay their own commercial data, enabling the action-plans to maximise return on investment, leading to sure-fire growth. This enables marketers to be certain in their decision making – knowing the moves they make for their brands will lead to the most positive outcomes.

Nadim Sadek, Founder and CEO of ProQuo AI comments: “After a challenging year, it comes as no surprise that consumers are looking to brands they can trust. CEOs are viewed as societal leaders with the opportunity to cultivate authenticity, take a stand on social issues and provide their customers with quality products made with the environment in mind. It’s great to see so many household brands maxing out on Integrity within ProQuo’s Brand Integrity Index – consumer trust is a key component of successful business currency today.”

Philip Jacobson, Director of Creative and Marketing, Chilly’s says: “The Chilly’s experience extends far more beyond the delivery of our products, so it’s a real honour to be named the UK’s most trusted brand in ProQuo’s Brand Integrity Index report. We’ll continue to build meaningful relationships with our customers whilst we deliver our mission to accelerate the everyday use of reusable products worldwide.”