Revolutionising Multi-Channel Retail: All Saints Founder Stuart Trevor Showcases Power of Stored’s Two-Tap Checkout with New Brand

The future of shopping is about to be unveiled, and it’s a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge payment technology and sustainable clothing. All Saints founder Stuart Trevor introduces an innovative brand that redefines the fashion landscape by creating clothes solely from discarded material. The launch of his eponymous new brand STUART TREVOR will be powered by Stored, the trailblazing mobile payments start-up, which will be providing seamless payment solutions for this event during London Fashion Week.

Stored’s technology will enable the brand to convert browsers to customers in just two taps. Stored’s mobile payment experiences drive exponential growth for retailers, by utilising a frictionless two-tap checkout. The superfast checkout boosts conversion rates by up to 250% and improves checkout completion time by 58%. Stored can be deployed across channels, including pop-ups and events with no code, making Stored the ideal partner for multi-channel retailers. 



The STUART TREVOR brand’s ethos of sustainability and conscious consumption combined with Stored’s commitment to innovative omnichannel payment solutions delivers a paradigm shift in how we experience shopping.  As the fashion world converges for London Fashion Week, Stored’s technology will seamlessly power the payments for the STUART TREVOR brand, delivering an unmatched shopping experience that resonates with modern consumers.

The STUART TREVOR brand’s pioneering approach, driven by founder Stuart Trevor’s passion for sustainable fashion, offers a resounding solution to the fashion industry’s environmental challenges. By crafting a unique range of clothing from discarded garments and deadstock fabric, the brand represents a compelling counter-narrative to the culture of excessive clothing production. The event, scheduled at The Academy Of Beauty & Culture, promises to be a transformative experience, reflecting the brand’s fusion of sustainability and innovation. Beyond STUART TREVOR, this event also marks a collaborative effort, uniting sustainable brands that are redefining the future of shopping. 

“I am excited to see our payment technology align with Stuart Trevor’s visionary approach. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to redefining the shopping experience, where sustainability and convenience converge to shape the future of retail and drive exponential growth across channels,” says Danny Howe, co-founder of Stored.

“We’re not just launching a clothing brand; we’re unveiling a future shopping experience that combines the best of sustainable fashion with cutting-edge payment technology,” Stuart Trevor asserts. “Stored’s frictionless payment solutions complement our mission of delivering an eco-conscious and convenient shopping journey.”

As anticipation builds for this remarkable event, the partnership between STUART TREVOR and Stored sets a new standard for the fashion industry. A future where seamless payments converge with sustainable fashion is not just on the horizon – it’s here, and it’s transforming the way we shop.

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