Robot Pet Tech Can Be Used To Combat Loneliness For The Elderly

Older people are turning to technology to combat loneliness, with nearly half using it to stay in touch with loved ones and meet new people online. Despite facing barriers like outdated stigmas and a lack of tailored learning resources, seniors are finding joy in finding different solutions and ways to combat the loneliness.


Reasons For Loneliness For The Elderly


Living Alone: Many older adults find themselves living alone, especially after 75, as many reports have found.

Loss of Loved Ones: The passing of a spouse, friends, or family members can lead to loneliness.

Retirement: Leaving the workforce can limit social interaction mainly because most of the average worker’s life is spent at a workplace.

Health Issues And Limited Mobility: Physical disabilities or illnesses can restrict the ability to move around and go places to socialise.


How To Combat Loneliness For The Elderly


Volunteer from Home: Offering time to volunteer services like Be My Eyes can connect you with a larger community and provide a sense of purpose.

Join Local Community Clubs: finding a book club or online community could help the elderly feel more included with others who are in the area. Start by searching for clubs in the area on a search engine or social media. Facebook has a few groups and communities.

Consider Robotic Companions: In some cases, robotic pets or companions can provide comfort and a sense of presence, reducing feelings of loneliness without the responsibilities of a live pet.


Where To Find Robotic Pets In The UK


Ageless Innovation




One company leaning into the power of play for the elderly is Ageless Innovation and its range of Joy for All Companion Pets. Ageless Innovation’s mission is to positively impact the lives of older adults and their care partners through the Power of Play.

The brand’s innovative products help alleviate leading issues including social isolation, loneliness, & cognitive decline, by delivering joy, fun and happiness to improve quality of life.

The interactive robotic pets are designed to look, feel and sound like real pets without the additional stress that pet ownership often comes with.

The range of cats, dogs and birds have been proven to provide the elderly and those with dementia joy, companionship and a sense of connection they may otherwise be lacking.

Customer reviews praised the Joy for All pets’ unique ability to engage, delight, enhance meaningful connections, provide companionship, calm, sooth and most importantly promote happiness.

These published testimonials caught the attention of academics and clinicians leading to multiple independent research projects intended to measure and quantify the impact of the Joy for All products on loneliness, isolation, Alzheimer’s and all forms of dementia.

It became clear that 100% focus on the older adult population was required to maximise impact and achieve scale in this growing market.



RoboPets is a family-run business based in Plymouth, delivering across the UK and Europe. They are dedicated to improving lives through their caring approach, inspirational products, and by bringing smiles to faces. They have built a strong reputation, evidenced by their numerous 5-star reviews, praising their products and the additional care and attention they provide to their customers.

The company specialises in providing Robotic Companion Pets, which have been particularly beneficial for individuals living with conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, special needs children, the elderly, and those experiencing mental health issues.

These robotic pets have shown to have a calming effect on individuals, particularly noted in NHS Dementia wards, where patients who were previously anxious and restless have become calmer and more interactive after receiving these companions. This not only helps the individuals but also eases the workload and stress on the caring staff.

Their commitment has extended to becoming an official supplier to the NHS, supplying their Companion Pets at discounted rates to support Dementia wards, care homes, and other organisations.

They are recognised for their efforts in the community, including recent visits to care homes in Devon and Cornwall, and a notable visit from the Mayor, highlighting their engagement and dedication to the cause.

The company’s reach is not limited to the UK; they have supplied their Robotic Companion Pets across Europe, including Ireland, the Scottish Islands, and various other countries, spreading the benefits of their products and services far and wide.