Robots Will Soon Be Able To Dispense Medication In Pharmacies Across London

London’s renowned Harley Street Medical Area is about to witness an exciting new tech advancement. Pharmacierge, leading the charge in private e-prescription app and delivery services, has revealed plans for a new, larger dispensary in London. But there’s more: central to this expansion is the introduction of a 30ft dispensing robot, a move sure to turn heads in the pharmacy sector.

Pioneering a New Age of Medication Delivery

This project objective is to improve the flaws of the medication delivery process. Edward Ungar, the CEO of Pharmacierge, passionately commented, “Our mPrescribe technology serves both clinicians and patients, not just in London but also beyond its confines. Making this significant local investment aligns perfectly with our brand values. It’s a testament to our commitment to the private medical community that has supported us unwaveringly.”

Innovating with Robots

The star of the show, the multi-arm robot, is expected to be a transformative feature for the dispensary. Once operational, the robot will meticulously select the necessary medications and dispatch them via spiralling chutes, providing an efficient bridge between the floors of the dispensary. This kind of innovation pushes the envelope in pharmacy operations and service delivery.

Marrying Tradition with Advanced Technology

Pharmacierge isn’t interested in just chasing the latest tech trends, they’re deeply rooted in the time-honoured tradition of pharmacy. This expansion places a lens on their commitment to maintaining those values. Their planned design will ensure medications are efficiently categorised, with dedicated zones for refrigerated, biological, and controlled medications. Such thoughtfulness in design ensures that tradition and technology work hand in hand.

Partnerships & Service Delivery

Pharmacierge isn’t a newcomer either- the support of 80 premier private GPs and Consultants show the company is already a trusted name. The inclusion of robotic automation and the added space from their expansion needs a focus to enhance their service delivery even further. Their service, already catering to a network of over 4,500 GP and Consultant users, is set to become even more streamlined. It’s worth noting that a majority of these practices have highlighted the time efficiency of Pharmacierge’s system.

A Legacy of Excellence

The legacy of Pharmacierge’s co-founders in the Harley Street area is rich and storied. Their prior ventures, such as The Doctor’s Laboratory (TDL), stand as a testament to their commitment to medical excellence. Their expansion has garnered commendation from industry peers. Julian Best, Executive Property Director of The Howard de Walden Estate, remarked on the move, stating that Pharmacierge continues to offer stellar patient service and is on the cutting edge of prescription delivery technology.

Backing and Future Prospects

Behind the scenes, Pharmacierge has attracted a list of influential backers. Alex Chesterman, founder of Cazoo, was among those who supported their £1.25m funding round in 2021. Their more recent funding endeavours brought in £2.4m, with the lion’s share coming from the doctors who regularly use their indispensable service.

The blend of tradition, innovation, and commitment with Pharmacierge’s new project promises to set new standards in the pharmaceutical. Their expansion reinforces their status as industry leaders while constantly prioritising their service quality.