Badi Dominates EU Rental Market With More Than 300K Room Listings


With 450% YOY growth in listings from 2015 to 2019, Badi receives a booking request every two minutes 

Badi, the leading room rental platform, announced today it has surpassed more than 300k room rental listings in Barcelona, London, Madrid and Berlin, with a booking made every two minutes. London is the company’s fastest growing market and since its UK launch in 2018, Badi has logged 100k London listings on its platform. The company is helping to meet growing housing needs in major cities in Europe and has plans to launch in the U.S. later this year.

“After several years of strong growth, Badi has surpassed more than 300k listings in Europe,” said Carlos Pierre, founder and CEO of Badi. “Based on the success we’ve experienced here, we look forward to expanding into new markets that will allow us to make city living accessible for people across the globe”.

Founded with a mission to make urban-living affordable and accessible for everyone, Badi’s AI-powered platform provides a seamless and flexible way for people to find and rent rooms in major cities.

After experiencing significant growth in four major European cities, with London as its fastest-growing hub for flat-seekers, Badi analysed data from nearly 2 million users and found:

  • Badi achieved an average YOY growth of 450% from 2015 – 2019
  • Badi logged 15,000 listings one year after its launch in 2015, whereas Airbnb only had 9,000 listings one year after its launch in 2008
  • Badi has experienced significant growth in London since its launch in the UK in 2018 and has added 100k room listings to its platform
  • The total number of booking requests exceeded 85,000 in 2019, with a booking request made every two minutes
  • In 2019, the top locations for users seeking flats on Badi were Barcelona, London and Madrid
  • The average user on Badi is 32 years old
  • On average, it takes around one week for a listing to get booked on Badi
  • Badi users maintain an average stay of 5.5 months, 28% longer than the average stay of its competitors

Backed by $45 million from US and international investors like Spark Capital and Mangrove Capital, Badi has offices in Barcelona, London, and Berlin. To support its continued growth, Badi added 75 new employees to its team over the last two years with new hires joining from, Google and LinkedIn.

Badi makes the rental process seamless for both landlords and tenants alike through its secure booking system. This gives users greater confidence when booking a room online.

Safeguards include payment security and fraud protection for renters, as well as a last-minute cancellation guarantee. Additionally, Badi verifies listings by sending a representative to conduct a property and amenity evaluation. If fraudulent activity is spotted, Badi’s Trust and Safety team is notified immediately to resolve any issues, making Badi the most trusted platform for finding and renting rooms online.

“User security and trust is a priority for us,” said Carlos Pierre, CEO of Badi. “We continue to make great strides in this area with our booking system to enable renters and landlords to book with confidence. This helps to make the process easier and more transparent for all parties”.