RootsCo: The new social platform designed to champion belonging and support Black communities across the diaspora

RootsCo is a new initiative that connects you to local businesses, events, news and voices in Black communities to champion equality and belonging in a safe space.


Born from the experiences of founder Pedro Osas and driven by his aspiration to make a positive social impact, the RootsCo app seeks to bring a solution to the shared feelings of isolation, displacement and exclusion in the African & Afro-Caribbean diaspora. The app is dedicated to championing equality, empowering communities and promoting belonging. It welcomes users in a safe space for meaningful conversations where cultural diversity is celebrated. Highlighting local businesses, events and news, the app has already organically attracted hundreds of users and listed some 600+ businesses across the UK & Europe since its launch in August 2020.

The founder Pedro Osas was born in Nigeria and raised in Galway before studying in Dublin. Following a masters degree in finance and receiving a scholarship to work in the U.S, he is now a Market Data Business Analyst for the London Stock Exchange Group. It is from his personal experiences and observation of economic inequality & social tokenisation that Pedro has found the inspiration to develop RootsCo in the hope of creating a space of belonging, support and amplification of under-represented communities.

Over 75% of Black people feel they are more vulnerable to unequal treatment in education and employment, making them more likely to feel displacement and exclusion. Recognising and understanding the deep socio-economic barriers that are disproportionately affecting small businesses and establishments in this community, RootsCo believes that a platform of collective action can tackle some of the challenges impacting the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora. RootsCo stands as an agent of change and supports Black businesses and founders to grow and get visibility. While helping to improve the welfare of the community the initiative places its trust in businesses that are on average more innovative and more likely to generate revenue despite their general lack of accessible funding avenues.

The RootsCo app helps you support under-represented communities and stands as a bridge, connecting individuals to businesses that cater specifically to them. Users can easily find events and promote their own whilst keeping up to date with regular, unbiased news articles on the community’s latest affairs. RootsCo increases the reach of Black-owned brands and offers them the tool necessary for economic accessibility, validation and growth.

The social platform brings a unique integrated solution to the multifaceted effects of under/mis- representation of Afro-Caribbean communities. In hoping to foster sustained societal change Pedro Osas aspires to create a “space where no dream is too big and no contribution is too small”.

Embark with us on this journey, download the app and follow RootsCo on social media. Invite your audience to engage and celebrate the African and Afro-Caribbean cultural wealth. Please feel free to contact the RootsCo team at [email protected] for more information.