Rota Is Helping Recruitment Agencies And Businesses Bounce Back From The Pandemic

The pandemic and Brexit created volatility in the staffing market across the UK. Rota’s technology is helping small to medium sized agencies stay in business and stay competitive.

  • Rota users have seen a 20% reduction in time spent on admin tasks
  • Clients have quadrupled their hiring rate, in spite of the Great Resignation
  • Agencies were able to win 5% more contracts with Rota


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Contingent Staff Management Marketplaces have been growing in popularity with the likes of Indeedflex, Coople and Zenjob all popping up around the globe, creating more competition for regular staffing businesses.

Rota was founded in 2016, existing until 2020 as a successful London based recruitment agency that posted 5,000 staff out per week. 

The company harnessed a new digital solution to see exponential growth and is now providing that same technology to agencies across the UK, helping them bounce back from hiring issues.

Instead of frantically calling people/utilising an old staff management system/excel spreadsheets employers now just post a shift and watch as it gets filled in minutes. 

1. You create the shift

2. Candidates can then either be selected manually or you can allow the algorithm to find the best people for the job 

3. The job requests and all the details are sent directly to their phone.

This approach allows businesses to easily scale their operations.

Rota is currently working with recruitment agencies like Evolve, Angel Recruitment and Selective Recruitment. Helping them maximise the staff they have with a new approach to work.




Businesses across the UK using Rota have seen (on average):

  • 20% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks
  • 4x roles being filled
  • 3-5% increase in contracts signed 

The Rota mobile and web app is currently being used by 660 clients across 1500 venues in the UK who’ve collectively posted over 1.06 million hours on the platform over the last year.

Tom Williams, founder of Rota, said: “Having experienced the pains of growing our own agency up until Covid, we want to now allow staffing agencies to compete digitally against the many pure tech platforms coming into the UK. 

“We are strong believers that by combining technology with human touch service, agencies can have a winning offering for clients and candidates.” – Tom Williams, Founder of Rota