SaaS Marketing Specialist Bordeaux & Burgundy Expands Following £2m Growth

bordeaux-burgundy-headshot-saas-marketing (1)

Specialist marketing agency Bordeaux & Burgundy, a company which enables B2B SaaS companies to achieve rapid growth, has announced a major global expansion after achieving revenues of £2m.

The company, which covers three continents, was founded by marketing entrepreneur Alfie Dawson in 2021. It helps businesses achieve rapid growth through series A funding, right up to exit and IPO. Dawson previously held senior global marketing and demand-generation posts at fintech company Fenergo and AI platform Datasine.

As part of the company’s expansion, a new office has been opened in New York, USA, with an additional headcount of 15 staff hired in the existing London office and several staff in South Africa. The company has an aggressive growth strategy, with plans to reach revenues of £10m in the next calendar year.

Bordeaux & Burgundy offers a suite of bespoke services to clients, including demand generation, content, production, and strategy. It empowers its clients with high-frequency, high-volume campaign output to target very specific audiences consistently over time to build enough pipeline to create the required amount of growth. The company operates on a super fast 10-day turnaround, with new campaigns ready to launch following an initial briefing from clients.

Alfie Dawson, CEO, Bordeaux & Burgundy said: “In challenging economic times, businesses cannot afford to have anything but the best when it comes to demand generation marketing programmes to engage existing and prospective customers. Our agency was founded as a b2b SaaS specialist agency by design, meaning our technology, team and expertise are completely geared towards the needs of our clients.

It’s been an incredible journey so far and we have big plans for the future. This expansion will further boost our global footprint, allowing us to bring in more senior talent and further increase our market share.”