Samsung Announces Wearable Galaxy Ring, With AI Features

The newest addition to Samsung Galaxy AI’s creations has finally arrived. Samsung’s Galaxy Ring is a smart wearable that lets you track and monitor your health, simply by slipping it on your finger. The ring was announced officially on Samsung’s newsroom.

Together with the ring, they announced their Galaxy 7 and Ultra watches, that also serves as digital trackers for health and wellness. “These new additions to the wearables portfolio are central to Samsung’s vision for Galaxy AI to enhance digital health, delivering personalised insights and tailored health experiences that enable a more comprehensive understanding of yourself through a holistic approach to everyday wellness,” they shared.

Galaxy Ring Features

The Ring is made from titanium, and comes in 3 different types: Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Gold. This choice of material will make so that the ring lasts long and can handle different conditions.

When it comes to health monitoring sensors, the ring tracks sleeping patterns, bodily temperature changes, heart rate using BioActive Sensor. “An enhanced BioActive Sensor offers increased accuracy, empowering you to better understand yourself with comprehensive readings,” Samsung explains.

The sleep trackers can even identify and track the user’s snoring, when monitoring sleeping routines, for those who struggle with snoring at night. “Along with Sleep Score and snoring analysis, new sleep metrics such as movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart and respiratory rate provide a detailed and accurate analysis of sleep quality.”

With way below half of people in the UK reporting that they do not get enough sleep, a heavier focus should be placed on creating solutions for better sleep patterns and overall quality.


Galaxy Ring’s Period Tracker

One impressive feature of the ring is the Cycle Tracker. This is used to track menstrual cycles and is done using skin temperature measurements. This, like the sleep monitoring, is done when you’re asleep. Samsung’s Health app works with the ring to analyse the data and predict the different points of one’s cycle. Though this isn’t a contraception replacement, it is a handy tool to stay aware of bodily changes for health reasons.

Oura Ring Vs. Galaxy Ring

Like the Galaxy, the famous Oura Ring has a sleep tracking feature that identifies sleeping patterns, such as the wake, light, deep, and REM sleep routines the wearer has. The Oura Ring also has a feature that provides a sleep score for users to asses their quality of sleep at night.

Both rings have long-lasting batteries, with them allowing for up to 7 days of battery life. The purpose of these rings is to make it that users can wear them 24/7, asleep or awake.

The main difference would be the obvious aspect of device compatibility. Samsung’s ring is specifically design for Samsung devices, whereas Oura’s rings are compatible with both Apple and Android devices for the most part. This may make Oura the better option for non-Samsung users who do not want to make the switch.

Another major differentiator is the AI features Samsung has brought with their latest Galaxy AI. The AI is used to provide health insights and automate different tracking systems. The Oura, however, is not as big on AI as of yet. This could also be why the Galaxy Ring goes at a slightly higher selling price.

Both rings are a great choice if you’re looking for innovative wearable tech. The main deciders would be based on which device one owns, as well as which features are more relevant to the one’s needs. With not many big tech companies offering a smart ring, this addition could put Samsung at a great competitive advantage.