Samsung Shares Surge 6% After They Secure Supply Deal with Nvidia

Samsung Electronics Co. saw its stock price surge by more than 6% following reports that the company has successfully secured the right to supply advanced memory chips to Nvidia Corp, a leading player in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

This development is expected to reshape the memory chip supply landscape, with Samsung emerging as a key player.


Entering the AI Memory Market


Samsung, South Korea’s largest electronics firm, is set to commence the supply of High-Bandwidth Memory 3 (HBM3) chips, which represent a more advanced generation of memory optimised for use with AI accelerators.

This news marks a substantial leap in Samsung’s involvement in the AI memory market, as its arch-rival, SK Hynix Inc., has thus far been the exclusive provider of high-bandwidth memory for Nvidia’s AI accelerators.


Analyst Predictions and Share Price Surge


Citigroup analysts, Peter Lee and Josh Yang, anticipate Samsung’s significant role in Nvidia’s HBM supply chain and predict that the company will become one of the major suppliers of HBM3 in the long term. To reflect this optimistic outlook, Citigroup has raised Samsung’s price target from 110,000 won to 120,000 won. As a result of this positive news, Samsung’s shares experienced their most significant gain since January 2021.



Quality Test Success


The deal between Samsung and Nvidia was solidified after Samsung’s memory chips successfully passed the final quality test conducted by the US chip designer. This validation, reported by Korea Economic Daily, opens the door for Samsung to begin supplying these critical memory chips to Nvidia as early as next month.


Benefits for Nvidia


Nvidia stands to gain several advantages from this strategic partnership with Samsung. As a company that has witnessed its shares triple in value in the current year, reaching a market value of $1.2 trillion, Nvidia can expect to benefit from potentially improved costs, enhanced performance, and a more stable supply chain. The addition of Samsung as a supplier for HBM3 chips provides Nvidia with valuable options to meet the growing demand for AI memory solutions.


Market Reactions and Suppliers’ Gains


Upon hearing the news of Samsung’s supply deal with Nvidia, not only did Samsung’s shares surge, but suppliers to Samsung also experienced notable gains. Hana Micron Inc., a chip testing and packaging firm, saw its stock jump by the daily limit of 30%, reflecting the positive sentiment in the industry.

Additionally, Daeduck Electronics Co., a printed circuit board supplier, witnessed a 7.4% increase in its stock price.


Hynix and the HBM3 Market


Hynix, the global leader in HBM3, is considered an ideal provider for bandwidth-intensive AI services. Despite initial gains in Hynix’s shares during Friday’s session, they later fell by 1.5%. However, Hynix remains a significant player in the HBM3 market, and the competition with Samsung is expected to drive innovation and competitiveness in this space.

In conclusion, Samsung’s successful entry into Nvidia’s supply chain for HBM3 chips represents a pivotal moment in the memory and AI computing market. This partnership is poised to reshape the industry landscape, with Samsung positioning itself as a key player in the growing demand for AI memory solutions.

Nvidia stands to benefit from enhanced options, cost efficiencies, and performance improvements, while suppliers to Samsung also experience positive market reactions. As this partnership unfolds, it promises to drive innovation and competition in the HBM3 market, benefitting both companies and the broader tech industry.