Scared of Solo Travel? There’s an App for That

With a quarter of women afraid to travel, Amica has the solution.

“a place is only as good as the people in it’”


Meet Amica, a travel brand by women, for women. Rooted in authenticity, connectivity and inclusivity, Amica was built to make solo travel more accessible for self-identifying women.

After finding out that 25% of women are not comfortable travelling alone and 80% consider personal safety risks when planning a trip, its founder, Heeral Pattni was determined to create a platform that women could use to feel more comfortable and connected when travelling alone.

An accurate solution to a widespread problem, Amica enables users to find and connect with like-minded women easily in a safer way, with video identity verification for all members. Amica is a brand-led, community-rooted app formed by an interest-based network. It takes all the fragmented problems that solo travellers currently face and solve these in one place, through their app. 

At just 23 years old, Londoner Heeral Pattni is breaking down barriers in business and travel as a woman of colour in tech. Designed to fill a crucial gap in the market, straddling the line between solo and group travel, “Amica was born from personal experience, at a time when I wanted to travel solo but didn’t have the confidence to go at it alone. When looking for a tool that could have made it a little easier or more comfortable, nothing out there inspired me, so I decided to create this tool myself.”




Amica is putting power, autonomy and choice back in women’s hands – its users get to choose everything from their preferences, to who they allow into their DMs and want who to meet. There is nothing currently out there for women travelling for leisure, business or permanently moving abroad that enables one-off shared experiences, centred around mutual interests.

Want to try out that hot new local restaurant? Find a fellow adventurer with similar taste and dine out together. Fancy a night out on the town but feel like you need a wing-woman? Look for someone who enjoys hitting the dance floor as much as you do.

Amica provides solo women travellers with a radical new way to make friends and meaningful connections while on the move, catering to women in an industry that largely neglects them. Discussing the predicted shift in travel priorities after COVID19, Pattni believes, “solo trips in the future will include an appetite to share an experience for some part of the journey. The pandemic has emphasised the importance of this shared experience and community.” 

Already backed by a Singapore-based Venture Builder, Creatella, Amica has further piqued interest from a number of VCs as it looks to continue to raise funds post-launch. Capitalising on the success of The Travel Plug, a community platform co-founded by Heeral and created with Girls That Wander, Amica already has a captive and global engaged audience. 

Launching on 10th June 2021, Amica can be downloaded on iOs and Android, and followed on Instagram Learn more at