Virtual Paella Classes from Valencia’s No.1 Experience

Step up your cooking game for lockdown 2.0 with an authentic Valencian paella workshop from Valencia’s number 1 food tour on TripAdvisor, Sea Saffron.


Today, Valencia’s N°1 rated food experience, Sea Saffron, is launching a virtual cooking workshop to help Brits make the perfect Valencian Paella from the comfort of their own home.

The launch comes after the city has seen a significant drop in tourists due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Valencia, which prides itself on being the birthplace of the world-famous paella, is still keen to make their legendary dish available to Hispanophiles across the world.

The interactive online cooking classes will be hosted by Sea Saffron founder Eduardo Aguilar. Valencian-born Eduardo has been making paellas for years, recreating his grandmother’s recipe. During the experience, he will share the origins of this famous dish along with some family anecdotes, his favourite wine-pairings, and a few surprises.



The experience, which can be booked as part of a wider group or as a private experience, is designed for cooking novices and pro chefs alike, promising to take you from zero to paella hero in just under 2 hours.

The Sea Saffron team will equip you with all the steps to execute a traditional Valencian paella with ingredients readily available from your local supermarket. Although the traditional dish is prepared with chicken, the team can adapt the ingredients to cater for different tastes. The experience can be booked directly via the Sea Saffron website at the following link, from £25.

Eduardo Aguilar, founder at Sea Saffron commented: “We are used to hosting people from all over the world and sharing our rich gastronomy. Given the events of last year and its impact on the tourism industry, we haven’t been able to share our world-famous food. We wanted to bring the best of Valencia to people’s living rooms, and what better way to do that than with paella! We look forward to meeting people from all over the world who want to join us on this unique, virtual culinary experience.”

The Online Valencia Paella Workshop can be booked from today at and is available to people from all over the world.