SeedTribe relaunches as ‘UK impact hub’ – powering profit-with-purpose driven businesses

Ethical investment platform will connect inspiring startups with individuals, corporates and governments 

Ethical investment platform SeedTribe has relaunched as a new UK-focused impact hub. The platform will connect startups with individuals, corporates and governments interested in helping profit-with-purpose businesses. SeedTribe’s new focus will be supporting inspiring entrepreneurs in ways not solely connected to finding equity investment. This includes mentoring, networking and recruitment.

SeedTribe uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”)  as its impact framework with all businesses on the platform at Stage 1, raising up to £1M and driving revenue.  Businesses that appear on the platform are heavily vetted so only the most inspiring are selected. Businesses are featured free of charge, but then have the option to buy “add-ons” such as help with their fundraise, the ability to advertise a job to the network or showcase an event.

The new site features new content including spotlight interviews with founders, advice and guidance for startups who need support, events opportunities and a free match-up service enabling individuals to connect with businesses. Following extensive research and discussions with the network SeedTribe has identified five key areas of focus. These are:

  1. Mentors/Advisors
  2. Corporates giving financial or in-kind support in line with their values and fields of expertise
  3. Recruitment opportunities
  4. Interesting events they can attend
  5. Investment or other types of funding

Businesses on the SeedTribe platform that are winning investment and support include: Teysha Technologies, a natural polycarbonate platform that can create fully biodegradable substitutes for existing petroleum-based plastics and Pinpoint who use data science to detect the early signs of cancer.

The site is powered by Angel Investment Network – the world’s largest online angel investment platform, with a global network of more than 1 million entrepreneurs and 200,000 investors.

Olivia Sibony is the CEO of SeedTribe and she was recently named one of the UK’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs for her work on SeedTribe.

She said: “Our entire ethos is using business as a force for good, meaning profit and purpose need to be interlinked. Over the past 18 months I have been approached by so many people who believe in our mission and want to help in ways beyond simply funding.”

She continued: “Our community is dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s most intractable problems, helping impact-driven entrepreneurs  meet the people and institutions who can teach, support and fund their ventures. We believe in the power of collaboration and together we can empower business to be used as a force for good and transform our world.

Oliva is urging anyone keen to help shape the business through using business as a force for good, please reach out to us so we can help them make this happen. Visit for more information.