Selling Sunset Star Christine Quinn Sets Up Brokerage Business with Husband Christian Dumontet

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has set up her own company in partnership with her husband, Christian Dumontet. Christine, age 33, is a fan favourite in the hit Netflix show and is setting up her own business after making sales on Selling Sunset for Jason Oppenheim, founder of the Oppenheim Group. Her husband, on the other hand, is renowned as a software engineer, tech entrepreneur and also an investor. Christian sold his company, Foodler, to Grubhub in 2017 and made $65 million.

Christine and Christian announced the news that they will be going into business together in some cryptic comments online just after the 5th season drew to a close. During the explosive episode which aired on the 22nd of April 2022, Christine faced some serious accusations that she had bribed a seller into working with her, however she has denied all allegations so far.

After she had previously revealed that she had considered going solo and setting up her own brokerage business, Christine failed to show up to a meeting with Jason Oppenheim, her boss, which left many fans wondering whether she had decided to leave both the Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset for good.

Since then, Christine has gone public with her decision to set up her own company which she has named RealOpen. RealOpen is a real estate company which husband and wife duo Christine and Christian are hoping will disrupt the property market. The startup will allow buyers to purchase property with cryptocurrency, which is a game-changer as many other brokerages and agents do not offer clients this opportunity.



The process is simple: RealOpen plans to work with the complete MLS inventory, alongside off-market homes, and can bring together agents with potential buyers and sellers. After a buyer finds a home, which they can do through the RealOpen platform or alone, RealOpen will verify their crypto assets to ensure that the buyer can access the funding needed to purchase the property. Usually, buyers who wanted to purchase a home through funds in crypto would be forced to liquidate their crypto in order to obtain a letter from the bank which could guarantee proof-of-funds. This not only takes time but means that the buyer cannot continue participation in the crypto market, which isn’t ideal when buying a property can be a lengthy process.

With RealOpen, once a potential buyer has successfully submitted an all-crypto offer, they work with a RealOpen agent to finalise the deal before they can present the seller with an all-cash offer. If the offer is accepted, RealOpen helps the buyer to convert 3% of their crypto holdings into cash. The remaining 97% of the crypto offer is then converted into cash just before closing.

Sellers don’t need to have a digital wallet in order to receive funds with RealOpen as the seller receives cash at closing. The company works with institutional partners which are highly regulated and also navigate KYC and AML requirements. Christian and Christine have also employed a team of  high-growth company executives, litigation attorneys, real estate brokers and securities lawyers. Part of the services offered by the Selling Sunset star and her entrepreneur husband are legal and compliance, ensuring that both buyer and seller feel at ease, especially if they are new to the world of crypto.