Shopify’s New POS Go Now Available in the UK and Ireland

Shopify has extended its retail offerings to the UK and Ireland with the launch of Shopify POS Go. This hand-held, all-in-one point of sale device equips retailers to sell both in their physical stores and online. The move aims to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing face of retail.

Enhanced In-Store Experience

The device comes with a built-in barcode scanner, allowing retailers to initiate checkouts anywhere in the store. Deann Evans, Managing Director, EMEA at Shopify, believes this feature helps merchants meet consumer needs effectively.

“We’re choosing to launch POS Go in the UK to help all our merchants, big or small, meet consumers wherever they are and however they want to shop—from counter to kerb,” she said.

Streamlined Payments

Shopify POS Go also includes an integrated card reader that accepts tap, swipe, and chip cards. The card reader, combined with Wi-Fi and Shopify Payments, ensures smooth and secure transactions.

Real-Time Analytics and Inventory Management

One advantage of Shopify POS Go is the unified view it provides. Merchants can see real-time data on sales, analytics, and inventory across all channels.

This feature makes it easier for them to stay updated, as any changes made in the Shopify admin section sync automatically across their business.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

David Franks, Co-Founder and CTO at Kick Game, says the device has significantly helped his business. “In just a short time, POS Go has boosted our productivity and enabled us to engage directly with customers for more personal and exclusive shopping experiences,” he commented.

Namor Walker, Head of Digital Operations at Victoria Beckham, also praised the device.

“The POS Go device is truly transformative for our retail experience. Both our retail team and our customers have been impressed and have enjoyed using the device,” he stated.

Affordability and Availability

For those interested in acquiring the device, it retails at £299 in the UK and €349 in Ireland. You can purchase it directly from the Shopify POS Hardware store.

More Than Just Ecommerce

With about 4.5 million online stores already using Shopify, the introduction of POS Go in the UK and Ireland confirms Shopify’s ambition to go beyond being merely an online platform.

Shopify, as a brand, intends to be a comprehensive retail solution, including in the bricks-and-mortar realm.

Brands Trust Shopify

Top global brands like Gymshark, Huel, and Ooni already build their businesses on Shopify. The launch of POS Go in the UK and Ireland is designed to support not only these large enterprises but also smaller retailers, demonstrating Shopify’s commitment to powering growth across all sectors of commerce.

Shopify’s foray into the physical retail sector in the UK and Ireland is likely to be well-received given the initial positive testimonials. Businesses searching for an all-in-one solution to unify their online and offline operations now have a solid option in Shopify POS Go.