The Pioneers in Short-term Luggage Storage Space: Vertoe

Vertoe Luggage

An on-demand short-term luggage storage space is a boon for travelers. A facility that allows travelers to safely drop their bags at nearby local shops. Go to any major city in the world, these facilities are available to take care of your luggage.

Sometime in the year 2014, the situation was not the same for Sid Khattri. When he was on a trip to LA, he found himself with 3 large suitcases before heading towards the beaches. He had just checked out of his Airbnb and found no reliable place to leave his suitcases. Searching for a safe place to leave the suitcases, he lost time and could not complete his trip on a high note.

This experience nudged Sid to think deeper into the problem. His busy schedule at Google only allowed him to research the problem during weekends. That is when he interacted with many travelers to find out that an astonishing 30% of travelers out of 2.1 billion trips in the US alone had faced the same trouble.

The revelation made way for starting up Vertoe and making Sid its founder and CEO. Vertoe is America’s first on-demand short-term storage space provider. It connects you to the local shops and stores while you are on the go to safely leave your luggage. You can choose to drop your bags for a couple of hours or up to a month.



Vertoe started with just 5 locations in NYC to experiment with the travelers. Within no time, Vertoe locations increased to hundreds and expanded to more US cities. Today, Vertoe is 1000+ locations in 65+ major cities in the world. What makes Vertoe stand out amongst travelers is its convenience. Vertoe locations are present near all major landmarks, train stations, airports, and transit points in all cities.

Safety and security being Vertoe’s highest priority, every single location is verified and vetted by the Vertoe team. Every bag that needs to be dropped is protected by a unique tamper-proof seal. Every bag is covered with an insurance of $5000 for added security. Vertoe also offers luggage storage services at an affordable price of just $5.95/bag/day.

In Sid’s own words, “On transition days during a trip, travelers are hampered by large pieces of luggage that are prohibiting them from getting maximum value out of their destination – we’re a solution that gives these travelers freedom to roam knowing that their belongings are safe.” Besides, the problem is solved for the travelers, Vertoe enables additional passive income for local shopkeepers.

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