Significant Improvement in Outlook for Spanish Markets

Significant Improvement in Outlook for Spanish Markets says Key Indicators for Spain Tracking ETF.

Listed Companies in Spanish Equities, a provider of advanced financial research tools for investors, reports on macro fund flows into country-tracking ETFS and equities.
NYSE:EWP – iShares MSCI Spain ETF is an ETF that holds a broad basket of listed companies in Spanish equities. By tracking short interest, put/call ratios, and funds flow into this security, we can better understand institutional sentiment in the overall Spanish markets.
“Fund flow into country-tracking ETFs and changes in short interest provide insights into institutional sentiment in the country’s outlook,” said Wilton Risenhoover, founder and CEO of Fintel. “Our Funds Flow Leaderboard – Spain analyses changes to a security’s owners count and allocation in order to pinpoint those that have high levels of institutional accumulation. This helps investors identify potential profit opportunities.”
Institutional accumulation refers to securities being bought by professional and institutional investors such as hedge funds, mutual funds, and pensions. The buying and selling actions of professional and institutional investors can correlate to the stock’s price rising or falling. Taking note of the level of institutional investment helps investors make profitable decisions.


Key Findings for Spain


Institutional Fund Flows into EWP – iShares MSCI Spain ETF shows the following activity:
  • Short Interest in EWP is at 843.9K shares, down 53% since its recent high of 1.8 in mid-May – this decrease in short interest indicates a positive outlook
  • The Option Put/Call ratio is 0.11 – is one of the lowest ratios for developed markets and represents a very bullish outlook
  • The number of funds disclosing ownership of EWP increased by 16.8% in the last quarter
  • Total institutional share ownership in EWP increased by 10.86% in the last quarter
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