Smile Makers Introduces The Artist

Smile Makers, the leading, global sexual wellness brand in mainstream retail, is revealing its first dual vibrator. Prioritising clitoral stimulation and allowing users to personalise their own experience, The Artist celebrates their individuality when it comes to sexual pleasure.

As 73%(1) of women find more enhanced pleasure through dual stimulation, The Artist is an industry-first comprising two premium and highly powerful motors. Unlike other dual vibrators that ordinarily feature narrow clitoral stimulators, the voluptuous shape of The Artist’s external head has been designed for a broader touch that can stimulate more nerve endings and enhance clitoral pleasure.

Heeding calls from its loyal community to create the most immersive and intense pleasure experience, the brand has spent two years of research, prototyping and making refinements to create a product that optimises all relevant factors of the user experience. These include: ergonomics, power, materials used and aesthetics. The result is a beautiful, elegant terracotta-coloured product that looks enchanting and inviting in one’s home.

Having championed the normalisation of sexual pleasure for over a decade, the launch of the Artist also marks a shift for the brand. Popular culture and sex education too often portray a heterosexual, penetration-centric and performance-obsessed representation of sex. Challenging this limiting and normative approach, Smile Makers wants to inspire vulva owners to set their own standards for good sex. Its ongoing efforts to deliver pleasure-positive sex education and to amplify its community’s stories are part of that, as is developing products that enable personalised experiences.



To complement this, The Artist enables a highly personalised experience thanks to three distinct features; an adjustable fit, in which the user can alter the angle between the two heads to create a comfortable and perfect positioning within their anatomy, a creative control mode allowing them to control the two heads independently and create a new combination of modes vs the preset ones, making it a totally unique experience, and squeeze sensors on each side enabling one to fine-tune the intensity of the vibration mode.

Commenting on the launch, Brand Director Cecile Gasnault, said: “We are hugely excited to launch The Artist – not only is it the first time we’re offering a dual vibrator, something that’s been asked by our community for a while but it’s the first time we have created a product where every detail has been crafted to let you take full control of your experience.

“Over the years, as we led many sex education workshops with various age groups, we realised how standardised our understanding of sex is and how much that limits us from fully enjoying our sex lives. Sex and sexual pleasure should be discovered with excitement and curiosity, over and over again, throughout our lives and however we choose. This is why we’ve created a product that invites one to craft and design their own pleasure experience, like their own personal masterpiece.”

Identifying that 80%(2) of women worldwide admitted to not having received a proper education when it comes to sexual wellbeing and pleasure, The Artist – as well as all other Smile Makers products – comes with lighthearted and easily digestible information related to the product, the female anatomy as well as tips on how to use.*1

Gasnault added: “The launch of the Artist comes at an incredibly special time. We have been leading the normalisation of sexual pleasure for over a decade and we’re delighted to see the continuous rise of sexual wellness in mainstream spaces. The tides are turning, but to continue pushing through and foster an authentic and inclusive conversation about sex, we must shake off these limiting beliefs and perceptions to what ‘sex should be’ and inspire people to set their own standards.

The Artist, by allowing a totally personalised experience, facilitates this and we can’t wait to enter the next phase of this hugely exciting industry.”

The Artist will be available for purchase on the Smile Makers website and from its global retailers from 1st March 2022 and costs £119.95. Pre-orders can be made on the website from 18th February 2022.