Social Media Platform Playsee Launches Industry-First AI Local Expert Chatbot

AILEX is the first social media chatbot to revolutionise the way users can explore their surroundings by offering tailored local lifestyle recommendations 


With artificial intelligence dominating the tech world, another chatbot is entering into the mix as social media platform Playsee launches AILEX (AI Local Expert), the first social platform of its kind to introduce hyper-localised recommendations using AI. 

AILEX is the next step in Playsee’s mission to connect communities with like-minded individuals – and with over 50 million downloads worldwide it would appear that they’re well on their way to achieving this. 

In a nutshell, Playsee is a community centric platform that takes the guesswork out of local recommendations and leverages AI and local knowledge to provide users with new places and experiences. 

Meaning you can search for the likes of London’s best Mexican restaurant, or the UK’s best outdoor parks, and find others in the community doing the same.  



As we all know the popularity of chatbots is ever growing with the likes of Google Bard and Chat GPT growing and taking the world by storm. So what makes AILEX different from the other AI tools? 

Firstly, AILEX has the ability to combine the power of AI with location knowledge, enabling it to understand and grasp users’ needs and provide accessible lifestyle recommendations with summarised useful tips – the first of its kind in the market. 

Secondly, users can easily engage with AILEX directly through the app’s navigation bar to initiate conversations for personalised recommendations and community connections. The AI chatbot then tailors suggestions based on user conversations and interests without disrupting access to other features on the app. 

Terry Hu, AILEX Product Manager at Playsee, said: “We’re excited to introduce AILEX as your local resident expert, revolutionising how users discover and engage with their local surroundings. AILEX’s ability to provide personalised lifestyle recommendations and facilitate community connections aligns seamlessly with Playsee’s commitment to enhance user experiences to create genuine connections and interactions in the real world.”

You can have a go for yourself as Playsee is free and available to download on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store on Android and iOS systems.