Spanish Startup Bdeo Launches its Visual Intelligence Technology for Property Insurers

When it comes to managing insurance claims, there are still many inefficient, manual processes that exist. Spain-based startup Bdeo is on a mission to help insurance providers digitise the claims management process with help from its AI (visual intelligence) solutions.

With a fast-growing presence across Europe and Latin America, Bdeo is already a leader in visual intelligence for auto insurance providers and has announced its launch into the property insurance industry.

Bdeo logo

“How insurers manage a property insurance claim is one of the most sensitive touch points in terms of customer loyalty,” explains Ana Asuero, Chief Product Officer at Bdeo. “We want to help companies reduce the time between the notification of a claim and its resolution. Our goal is to provide a technological solution that allows companies to automate processes, be more efficient, and improve customer expectations.”

Bdeo is on a mission to become the leading solution in Visual Intelligence for both the auto and property insurance industries. With Bdeo’s Visual Intelligence technology and advanced computer vision algorithms, insurance providers can identify the cause of a customer’s claim at an earlier stage, improve resource management, and reduce the number of people needed to process a claim by half. Property insurers can reduce the time required to send claims assessors or maintenance specialists to the customer’s property to fix damage, resulting in a 50% time savings for the customer as well.

Bdeo is an ideal solution at times of high demand, such as droughts or storms. During these times, mobility is often reduced, yet property owners demand more from insurers. Bdeo offers the technology to process claims quickly and remotely, resulting in greater policyholder satisfaction at critical moments.

In less than three years, Bdeo has established a fast-growing presence in Europe and Latin America, providing its solution to leading insurance companies in these markets. It has also rebranded and is now looking for the best talent to continue transforming the insurance industry.

“We want to make Bdeo a leader in Visual Intelligence, a technology capable of transforming the property and auto insurance sectors,” says Julio Pernía, CEO of Bdeo. “We know that it is important to have a strong brand identity that reflects our mission and values to achieve this goal, and that is what we have managed to convey with our rebranding, which places automation, innovation, and trust at the core.”