Sportstack Launches as the World’s First Sports Exchange Allowing Trading on Player Performance

Launch of new innovative trading platform set to change the face of the sports betting industry.

  • World’s first peer to peer sports exchange allowing player trading
  • Developed by former Goldman Sachs FX traders
  • Platform will turn fantasy gaming into reality

Today marks the launch of SportStack, an innovative new sports trading platform which will allow speculation on player performance for the very first time.  The platform launches today in the UK with a focus on football match markets and will soon be rolled out globally across multiple sports in a bid to change the global sports betting landscape.

SportStack has been in development for over two years and is founded by former Goldman Sachs traders Nicholas Smith and Kristian-Brauten Smith who left the city to develop the industry leading platform.

“We believe it is crazy that you can bet on almost anything in sports except the most important feature of them: the players! You shouldn’t have to play a fantasy sports game to predict who will and won’t perform well and that’s why we created SportStack so that now you can with real money.” commented Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of SportStack.


SportStack has been developed using unique AI technology allowing for real time betting on player performance and removes any form of binary betting meaning the amount you win or lose is only ever based on the players share price.

Nick Smith continued “We firmly believe that when a bet doesn’t go your way you shouldn’t lose all of your money – that’s a tired industry model. We developed SportStack with responsible betting in mind based on a player’s share price, a model which we will first introduce in the UK before rolling out to multiple sports and sectors in the near future.”

Key Highlights of the platform include:

How It Works

Players will earn and lose value during a match according to SportStack’s Scoring Table which gives a score of 0-100p per game based on pre-determined metrics including tackles won (+2p), shots on target (+5p), goals (+20p) and hitting the woodwork (+5). A Payout of the total amount will happen at the end of each match in line with the Scoring Table.

What is a Match Market?

Match Markets open at the start of every week and remain open all the way through to the final whistle. You can buy and sell shares in any player at any time all the way up to the last second of the game when the shares Payout and the market closes.

How You Buy & Sell Shares

There are two ways to Buy & Sell shares in players:

1. Add to Sportfolio

The easiest and quickest way to buy and sell players on SportStack is by tapping the green ‘+’ sign at any time. From here you can search for any player and simply tap ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ next to them. Once you have selected all the players you wish to trade, enter the amount you would like to stake and click Confirm. SportStack will instantly buy and sell an equal amount in every player and you can check all of your positions in your Sportfolio.

2. Player Markets

The other way to buy and sell players is directly on their market page. Search for the specific player you wish to trade, and you will see the live market share price and lots of additional information. Use the price chart to see how the price has changed so far this week and once in-play watch their pay out rise and fall in real time during the match! Simply tap the Buy or Sell buttons and enter either the number of shares or amount of money you wish to trade as well as the price you want to trade at.

How You Buy & Sell Shares

A Sportfolio is a ‘Sports-Portfolio’ where all of your positions in every player are kept. Just like in the Stock Market where investors have Company Shares in their Portfolio, at SportStack you have Player Shares in your ‘Sportfolio’.

This is the quickest and easiest way to review how your players are performing and how much money you are making at any point in time. You can view by player name, position or team and quickly Buy, Sell, Trade or Cash Out all from your Sportfolio page.

SportStack which launched this weekend in the UK is available for download via the App Store and Google Play. For further information on the platform, features and updates go to or for live updates on players and the market follow @SportStack_HQ on Twitter.