Spotify To Test Full Music Videos, Competing With YouTube

Spotify will be taking on YouTube by introducing music videos to the web and app music streaming platform. This beta feature, exclusive to Spotify Premium users, is now accessible in 11 markets, including the UK, Germany, and Brazil. “Music videos play a key role in taking you from being a listener to becoming a fan,” states Charlie Hellman, Vice President and Head of Music Product at Spotify.

Music videos on Spotify start with a selected catalogue, featuring global stars like Ed Sheeran and Doja Cat, alongside local talents such as Aluna and Asake.

This new intergration is definitely a great way to further enhance the listening experience of your favourite songs and albums. It speaks to what many refer to as the artist-to-fan connection, allowing users to explore music visually and audibly.


The User Experience


This feature allows users to switch between listening and watching modes, providing flexibility and enhancing user experience. Spotify assures, “In this beta launch, we’ll continue to innovate and iterate based on feedback from both users and artists.”


What Else Is New With Spotify?


Spotify has also introduced Song Psychic, a unique and fun musical experience that is designed for those seeking answers to life’s big questions through music.

Users can inquire about various topics, such as love, career, and the future, and Spotify’s Song Psychic will reveal a song as the answer.



This can be done by choosing a topic or letting Song Psychic decide, then you ask your question, to then discover the song meant for you. It’s an interesting way for users to interact with music differently, blending curiosity with tunes.

There are already nearly a quarter of a million psychic-related playlists created by Spotify users, we see that there is a demand for such “cosmic” connections. Popular tracks like “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac highlight the eclectic mix of music associated with the stars.


How Does Spotify’s New Audiobooks Access Tier Work?


Spotify has also introduced Audiobooks Access Tier, for book readers who want more from their audio experience. This new offering allows U.S. users (for now) to enjoy 15 hours of audiobook content each month for a monthly fee, providing access to a vast catalogue of over 200,000 titles.

This accommodates the increasing interest from free users in audiobooks, with a 45% increase in engagement. The Audiobooks Access Tier is positioned alongside Spotify’s existing free and premium plans, so all types of listeners find something tailored to their listening habits.

“We’ve seen a significant interest from our users in audiobook content,” said a Spotify spokesperson. This move aligns with the trend of integrating different forms of audio entertainment under one platform, offering a seamless experience between music, podcasts, and now, audiobooks.

All of these new and exciting updates are a testament to Spotify’s frequent innovation since its rise as a streaming app for all.