Staffcircle Doubles Customer Base & Announces 187% Revenue Increase


Leading performance management platform StaffCircle has doubled its customer base in recent months and reports a record revenue increase of 187% in the last twelve months. The tech startup, recently achieving inclusion into the Microsoft for Startups program, has released a series of feature enhancements and integrations to add significant innovation and value to mid-market enterprise businesses.

Having recently raised funding from UK investors Mercia and BlackFinch to expand growth and deliver further innovation, StaffCircle is helping HR teams in UK companies to address the new priorities they face and navigate the future of work. A key player in the booming digital HR tech field, StaffCircle has recently onboarded a breadth of new customers across sectors including NHS, technology and manufacturing due to its multichannel communication capability which can reach key remote and frontline workers.

With 87% of these customers joining the cloud-based performance management platform in the last six months alone, CEO Mark Seemann attributes this to the rising demand in solutions that can meet the needs of long-term remote workforces.

StaffCircle has also been recognised by Microsoft Transact as a standout UK startup and included in the Microsoft for Startups program. The StaffCircle platform is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure, integrated with Office 365, and is designed to exchange information safely and securely with Microsoft business critical applications and services.


StaffCircle’s Microsoft Teams integration enables businesses to also use Teams as a fully functioning performance management and culture platform. Users never have to leave Teams and the familiar Microsoft interface, presenting an ideal solution for medium to large enterprise organisations as it enables existing Microsoft users to work from one central place to both communicate and manage employees.

As part of their continued innovation for customers, StaffCircle has just released their latest product version which includes a series of enhanced product features and major integrations designed to significantly increase platform value for users. These include:

  • ‘Today’ Screen – Instant birds eye view of teams or departments. Everything from real-time objective performance to who is on holiday.
  • Competency Framework – See how organisational values translate into individual behaviours and how employees exhibit these.
  • 360 Reviews – The platform is adaptable to mirror any type of performance management system, however the 360 feature is an objective way to gain feedback from many different angles.
  • Real-time communication feeds – internal sharing in the familiar style of social media networks to build company culture. Like, comment and share – Increase employee engagement.

Successful serial entrepreneur and founder of StaffCircle, Mark Seemann is committed to investing in the platform and providing a 360 solution for its users. He explains, “Times are changing and there couldn’t be a better time to respond to employee needs in the new, normal way of working. This, along with the shift in HR priorities perfectly positions us to be a player in the market. With our new Microsoft integration, we can easily slot into existing ways of working and offer a 360 solution for HR.

We work in an agile way that allows us to respond and adapt quickly, something we are seeing increase as the requirements for businesses changes in the current climate. But one thing that remains is that employers want employees to remain connected.”

Already onboard with StaffCircle’s Microsoft Teams integration is Libra Europe, a consultancy that specialises in change management, performance improvement while focusing on delivering solutions in a practical and pragmatic way. Rob Cunningham, Managing Director at Libra Europe Consultancy says, “Over the last 6 months, we have seen a shift with more people working from home.  It’s important that businesses focus to align their teams and keep employee’s welfare at heart. This includes organisational culture, performance management and communications.

Rob continues; “Employees need to feel engaged and part of their organisation.  At Libra Europe Consultancy, we’re delighted to move this forward by working in partnership with StaffCircle. We’ve joined our change management expertise alongside StaffCircle’s single solution software, to make a real difference to businesses remotely managing employees.

It’s now critical for HR functions to quickly manage transformation across their organisations and be more agile and strategic in order to support the shifting priorities of the business. StaffCircle is leading the way in providing a consolidated solution to address the needs of mid-market organisations dealing with the new normal.”