Star Unveils 10Forward: A Framework To Help Leaders Future-Proof Their Industries

Star, the global innovation partner and consultancy, has released 10Forward, an immersive trip into the future designed to help organisations develop strategies for the decade ahead.

Focusing on the automotive, financial and healthcare sectors, the report envisages a series of future scenarios shaped by the interplay of technology, society and business. 10FWD examines four separate scenarios in 2034 and analyses the trends and innovation at play in each. By offering a multidimensional look into the future, Star aims to equip businesses with the mindset and tools to anticipate change and harness it for sustainable growth.


10Forward readers can explore mini-worlds that represent possible future outcomes


“Star’s 10FWD is not about predictions, but preparations”, said Star CEO Michael Schreibmann. “We help our clients by exploring a range of scenarios, rather than predicting a single future. The powerful forces of technology, society and the economy shape diverse possibilities. This allows us to delve into the consumer trends, technological innovations and social structures which are likely to emerge. By starting in the medium-term future and then working backwards, we empower organisations to become architects of their own destiny” added Schreibmann.



Michael Schreibmann, Star CEO


Developed through Star’s proprietary research and insights and with help from sector specialists, 10FWD offers four distinct future scenarios – Neotropia, Wastelandia, Ecolysium and Bloomfield. These future worlds embody diverse outcomes driven by varying levels of technological innovation and prosperity. The report scrutinises the intertwined forces shaping these outcomes and how they create multiple trajectories for our society and the automotive, healthcare and financial services industries.

10FWD encourages businesses to anticipate a variety of outcomes and develop strategies to match. Adaptability and proactive planning are vital when confronting these promising yet uncertain futures.


The 10Forward report is illustrated with possible future environments that readers can explore to consider what might be ahead of us all


Valeria Balaro, Star VP of Marketing, says that the report’s main aim is to inspire businesses to engage in innovative thinking and disruptive strategies: “Versions of the future in 10Forward are deliberately provocative. We’ve used compelling storytelling and immersive experiences to help business leaders visualise the future and grasp the impact of macro factors on their industry. Our goal is to create an engaging and thought-provoking journey for our audience.”


Valeria Balaro, Star VP of Marketing


To help users decide which of the four worlds aligns most closely with their views, an interactive quiz guides them to the most appropriate future scenario. In addition, business leaders can download industry-specific trend reports that delve into additional trends and innovation across the four scenarios to gain deeper foresight and insights from both Star and external experts.


The report covers lots of topics from social credits and healthcare to transport and environment


“While we are here to help clients devise informed strategies that are bold and forward-thinking, the ultimate endgame is ensuring technology is used as a force for good. As a business community, we have a responsibility to ensure progress leads to positive social impact – not a backlash – for generations to come. We may not know exactly what the future holds, but we can certainly choose a direction that benefits all,” added Schreibmann.

The 10FWD report and experience is available here –