Startup Profile: Party Hard Travel

  • Party Hard Travel is a company specialising in clubbing holiday packages.
  • The travel company was established in 2014 by Barry Moore and Nathan Cable.
  • The business has won various awards, and had more than 15,000 bookings in 2019 alone.


About Party Hard Travel

Party Hard Travel has been shaking up the travel industry by giving travellers a unique and innovative party experience. The company provides guests with the opportunity to party hard while on vacation, and does it all with advanced technology and top-notch customer service.

For those who are looking for a great way to experience a new city, Party Hard Travel could be an excellent choice.

Party Hard Travel is an innovative package travel company that matches wannabe party animals with the ultimate party package, thereby allowing them to minimise stress and focus on having a great time.

The company was founded in 2014 by Nathan Cable and Barry Moore, following their own disappointing trip to Ayia Napa. Upon arriving, the boys were informed that the package of must-see events would set them back around €300 – way out of the budget of an average student.

Determined to improve the experience for other travellers, Nathan and Barry set about creating an alternative, and Party Hard Travel was born.

The brand booked holidays for over 15,000 travellers during 2019 alone, and has secured partnerships over the years with the likes of Geordie Shore, Love Island, Boohoo, and top DJ acts.
Cheap Party Holidays & Event Packages 2023 | Party Hard Travel

How does it work?  

As you may expect, Party Hard Travel is mainly focused on one core element: allowing its guests to party as hard as they can!

The company operates around three main elements: cheap flights, affordable hotels designed to suit the needs of customers, and an all-inclusive free events package included with each booking. This means there is no need for travellers to worry about missing out when they reach their party destination.

There are three main options available. A Full Package deal allows the would-be traveller to purchase flights, hotels, and events in one easy package, while a Hotel and Events booking gets them a hotel in their destination, and access to all the events – all they need to do is find their own flight.

As for those travellers who have already got their flights and accommodation sorted, an Events Only package could be perfect for making sure they don’t miss out.


What are the benefits?

Party Hard Travel puts in every effort to take care of every aspect of the traveller’s holiday, ranging from booking flights to arranging accommodation.

As you can imagine, this offers some serious benefits, including:

The opportunity to save time and money

Booking the perfect party trip can be stressful; Party Hard Travel removes the stress from the situation by taking care of every aspect of the traveller’s trip. All that they need to do is pack, show up, and prepare to party!

Booking via the company also allows the traveller to take advantage of great deals and prices, making their perfect getaway more affordable than ever.

Party Hard Travel also works to provide discounts where possible; if the traveller is a student, or travelling as part of a larger group, they may be able to grab themselves a great discount and save lots of money on their trip.

The traveller can also pay for their trip in instalments, ensuring that a great week away is within reach, no matter what their budget may be.

Access to in-resort reps

Another major benefit of booking with Party Hard Travel is the ongoing access to reps at the traveller’s chosen destination. These are seasoned party animals and experienced travellers who are on hand to take care of any issues the traveller may encounter, allowing them to enjoy their trip in full safety and security.

Access to a range of activities

Partying with Party Hard Travel takes a number of forms; the traveller could be living it up on an epic boat trip, or dancing the night away to their favourite DJ headliner in one of the destination’s hottest clubs.

From foam parties to pool extravagance, Party Hard Travel prides itself on offering an amazing range of activities for a truly legendary getaway that the traveller is guaranteed to remember for all the right reasons.

The opportunity to travel the world

Party Hard Travel offers trips and holidays to a huge range of must-try party destinations, ensuring the traveller can tick their dream location off their bucket list. They can head to Ayia Napa for some classic clubbing, or take a trip to Magaluf – the perfect choice for those looking for an all-inclusive party experience.

Party Hard Travel also offers trips to Malia, Ibiza, Kavos and Zante, as well as some more unusual destinations.

Final Thoughts

Party Hard Travel offers an all-inclusive package that takes the stress out of organising the perfect getaway. With great deals, access to reps at each destination, and a huge range of activities to choose from, the hedonistic-minded traveller can be sure that no matter where they go with Party Hard Travel, they will have an amazing time.